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Position asc  
Satellite Name 
Satellite Model 
Launch site 
Launch mass 
Launch date
13 EdeorbitedTelecom 2C237301995-067AEurostar-2000France TelecomGuiana Space Center22836-Dec-1995  10 C-band transponders, 11 Ku-band transponders, 5 X-band transponders
23 EdeorbitedRascom 1 (Rascom-QAF 1)323872007-063ASpacebus-4000B3RascomStar-QAFGuiana Space Center316021-Dec-2007  12 Ku and 8 C bands transponders to provide fixed voice, data telecommunications and Internet access as well as broadcasting satellite services to the whole African continent, part of Europe and of the Middle East.
316 EdeorbitedEutelsat W2254911998-056ASpacebus-3000B2Eutelsat Communications S.A.Guiana Space Center24905-Oct-1998  24 Ku-band transponders covering Europe, North Africa, Middle East.
423 EdeorbitedThor 2A (Thor 2)248081997-025AHS-376HPTelenor Satellite BroadcastingCape Canaveral140020-May-1997  15 Ku-band; Nordic region, northern Europe.
523 EdeorbitedAstra 1E236861995-055AHS-601SES S.A.Guiana Space Center301419-Oct-1995  18 Ku-band transponders to provide 54 to 108 digital TV programs to W. Europe (backup for 1B, 1C or 1D)
631 EdeorbitedTurksat 1C (Türksat 1C)239491996-040BSpacebus-2000TurksatGuiana Space Center17479-Jul-1996  16 Ku-band transponders to provide radio and TV communications to Turkey and neighboring countries.
733 EdeorbitedIntelsat 802 (IS-802)248461997-031AAS-7000IntelsatGuiana Space Center344726-Jun-1997  38 C-band and 6 Ku-band transponders; broadcasting, business services, direct-to-home TV broadcasting, telecommunications, VSAT networks
846 EdeorbitedAfricasat 1 (Measat 1, Afrisat 1)237651996-002BHS-376MEASAT Satellite Systems Sdn. Bhd.Guiana Space Center145013-Jan-1996  12 C-band, 5 Ku-band transponders covering digital video and audio broadcasting, international and domestic VSAT and telecommunication services as well as high-speed Internet access.
950 EdeorbitedGalaxy 26 (G-26, Telstar 6, Intelsat Americas 6, IA-6)256261999-005ALS-1300IntelsatBaikonur Cosmodrome376515-Feb-1999  24 C-band and 28 Ku-band transponders to provide coverage of Europe and portions of Asia and Africa.
1051 EdeorbitedSirius 3254921998-056BHS-376HPSES S.A.Guiana Space Center14005-Oct-1998  15 Ku-band transponders covering Europe
1151 EdeorbitedThaicom 2233141994-065BHS-376LThaicom Plc.Guiana Space Center10807-Oct-1994  12 C-band, 3 Ku-band; Southeast Asia, Korea, Japan, east coast of China. In August 2010 the satellite was moved to 50.5 degrees east orbital slot in order to maintain the country's right to the latter.
1252 EdeorbitedChinasat 5D (ZX-5D, Apstar 1A)239431996-039A HS-376China Satellite Communications Co. Ltd.(China Satcom)Xichang Satellite Launch Center14003-Jul-1996  24 C-band transponders to provide TV coverage services
1356 EdeorbitedBonum 1255461998-068AHS-376HPRussian Satellite Communications CompanyCape Canaveral145222-Nov-1998  8 Ku-band transponders providing television broadcasting to Siberia or Europe.
1456 EdeorbitedDirectv 1R (DBS 4)259371999-056AHS-601HPDirecTV, Inc. Sea Launch (Odyssey platform)342010-Oct-1999  16 Ku-band transponders to provide DTH services for North America. Planned for relocation to 56East orbital position to support the ageing Bonum-1 satellite
1566 EdeorbitedIntelsat 704 (IS-704, Intelsat 7-F4)234611995-001ALS-1300IntelsatGuiana Space Center365310-Jan-1995  26 C-band and 10 Ku-band transponders; broadcasting, business services, direct-to-home TV broadcasting, telecommunications, VSATnetworks
1675 EdeorbitedABS-1B (Eutelsat W75, Hot Bird 3, Eurobird 10, Eutelsat 2-F9, Eurobird 4, W76)249311997-049AEurostar-2000+ABSGuiana Space Center29002-Sep-1997  20 Ku-band transponders
1783 EdeorbitedInsat 2E (Intelsat APR-2)256661999-016AInsat-2/-3 BusIndian National Satellite (INSAT)Xichang Satellite Launch Center25503-Apr-1999  6 C-band, broadcasting, business services, direct-to-home TV broadcasting, telecommunications, VSAT networks; Asia Pacific region.
18103 EdeorbitedKazsat 1292302006-022AYakhtaJSC KazSatBaikonur Cosmodrome109217-Jun-2006  12 Ku-band transponders to provide voice and video communications throughout Kazakhstan, Central Asia, the Caucasus, and parts of Russia
19109 EdeorbitedInmarsat-2F4 (Inmarsat 2F4, I2F4)219401992-021BEurostar-1000Inmarsat plcGuiana Space Center138915-Apr-1992  Broadcasting, business services, mobile communications; demand-assigned L-band transponders
20110 EdeorbitedBsat 1B (B-Sat 1B)253121998-024BHS-376Broadcasting Satellite System Corp.Guiana Space Center123628-Apr-1998  4 active (4 spare) high-power Ku-band transponders to provide voice and video communication for Japan and vicinity.
21110 EdeorbitedBsat 2C (B-Sat 2C)278302003-028AGEOStar-1Broadcasting Satellite System Corp.Guiana Space Center127511-Jun-2003  4 Ku band transponders. Backup to BSAT-2A; direct digital broadcasts to homes in Japan and neighboring countries through its Ku-band transponders.
22120 EdeorbitedThaicom 1A229311993-078BHS-376LThaicom Plc.Guiana Space Center108018-Dec-1993  12 C-band, 3 Ku-band; Southeast Asia, Korea, Japan, east coast of China.
23142 EdeorbitedST 1254601998-049AEurostar-2000+Singapore Telecommunications Ltd. (SingTel)/Chunghwa Telecom Co. Ltd.Guiana Space Center325525-Aug-1998  16 C-band and 14 Ku-Band; Southeast Asia, Middle, Japan
24146 EdeorbitedChinaSat 5B (XINNUO 1, Intelsat APR1, Sinosat 1, 中星5B )254041998-044ASpacebus-3000China Satellite Communications Co. Ltd.(China Satcom)Guiana Space Center284018-Jul-1998  14 Ku-band and 24 C-band transponders to provide broadcasting, business services, direct-to-home TV broadcasting, telecommunications and VSAT networks to Asia Pacific region.
25157 EdeorbitedIntelsat 706 (IS-706, Intelsat 7-F6)235711995-023ALS-1300IntelsatGuiana Space Center418017-May-1995  26 C-band transponders, 14 Ku-band transponders. Planned to be deorbited in Nov 2014.
26169 EdeorbitedIntelsat 2 (IS 2, PAS 2)231751994-040AHS-601IntelsatGuiana Space Center29208-Jul-1994  12 Ku-band; Asia-Pacific.
27180deorbitedGalaxy 10R (G-10R)260562000-002AHS-601HPIntelsatGuiana Space Center347524-Jan-2000  24 C-band and 24 Ku-band transponders to provide digital and voice communications to North America.
28149 WdeorbitedInmarsat-2F3 (Inmarsat 2F3, I2F3)218141991-084BEurostar-1000Inmarsat plcGuiana Space Center138916-Dec-1991  Broadcasting, business services, mobile communications; demand-assigned L-band transponders
29148 WdeorbitedEchostar 5 (Ciel-1, Sky 1A, MCI 1)259131999-050ALS-1300EchoStar CorporationCape Canaveral360223-Sep-1999  32 Ku-band transponders covering CONUS, Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico
30142 WdeorbitedInmarsat-2F1 (Inmarsat 2F1, I2F1)209181990-093A Eurostar-1000Inmarsat plcCape Canaveral138230-Oct-1990  Broadcasting, business services, mobile communications; demand-assigned L-band transponders
3193 WdeorbitedSkynet 4D251341998-002AECS BusParadigm Secure Communications Ltd (EADS Company)Cape Canaveral150010-Jan-1998  4 x SHF transponders, 2 x UHF transponders, 2 x C-band transponders to provide services for UK's armed forces, government departments, agencies and other organizations that require secure communications.
3281 WdeorbitedAMC 5 (GE 5, Nahuel 1B)255161998-063BSpacebus-2000SES S.A.Guiana Space Center169828-Oct-1998  16 Ku-band transponders to provide broadband internet, business television services to CONUS. Planned for redeployment to 79W orbital position
3381 WdeorbitedIntelsat 3R (IS 3R, PAS 3R)237641996-002AHS-601IntelsatGuiana Space Center292012-Jan-1996  12 C-band, 12 Ku-band transponders providing television and communications services to Americas, Caribbean, Europe, Africa. Moving to 81W orbital position.
3481 WdeorbitedGalaxy 9 (G-9)238771996-033AHS-376IntelsatCape Canaveral120923-May-1996  24 (+6) C-band transponders
3580 WdeorbitedIntelsat 603 (IS-603, Intelsar 6 III, Intelsat 6 3)205231990-021AHS-389IntelsatCape Canaveral421514-Mar-1990  38 C-band and 10 Ku-band transponders. Broadcasting, business services, direct-to-home TV broadcasting, telecommunications, VSAT networks. The second stage of the booster failed to separate from the satellite and its perigee motor so that it stayed in low (nonoperational) Earth orbit until the Space Shuttle Endeavour re-boosted it to the right orbit in May 1992. Planned for relocation to 81W orbital location under Argentinian license (as of May 1 2013).
3679 WdeorbitedSatCom C3221171992-060BAS-3000SES S.A.Guiana Space Center116910-Sep-1992  24 (+4) C-band transponders covering CONUS
3777 WdeorbitedGalaxy 4R (G-4R)262982000-020AHS-601HPIntelsatGuiana Space Center371619-Apr-2000  24 C-band, 24 Ku-band; North America.
3847 WdeorbitedNSS 703 (Intelsat 703)233051994-064ALS-1300SES S.A.Cape Canaveral36426-Oct-1994  10 Ku-band and 26 C-band transponders to provide inclined capacity over the Atlantic Ocean Region. Planned for retirement as of October 2014
3929 WdeorbitedIntelsat 705 (IS-705, Intelsat 7-F5)235281995-013ALS-1300IntelsatCape Canaveral365322-Mar-1995  26 C-band and 10 Ku-band transponders; broadcasting, business services, direct-to-home TV broadcasting, telecommunications, VSATnetworks
4027 WdeorbitedXM 2 (XM Rock)267242001-012ABSS-702XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc./Sirius Satellite RadioSea Launch (Odyssey platform)468218-Mar-2001  13.3 kw Digital Audio Radio, 2 active S-band transponders, each w/16 active (6 spare) 228-w TWTAs. Backup satellite for XM 4 (XM Blues). Relocated to 27 deg. W.L. +/- 0.1 deg., where it will be positioned for up to four months in preparation for its removal to a disposal orbit.
4111 WdeorbitedExpress A3 (Ekspress 3A)263782000-031AMSS-2500-GSORussian Satellite Communications CompanyBaikonur Cosmodrome260024-Jun-2000  5 Ku-band and 12 C-band transponders providing data transmission, TV and radio broadcasting, communications, Internet, video-conference, and other services throughout Europe and Russia.
427 WdeorbitedNilesat 101253111998-024AEurostar-2000Nilesat (The Egyptian Satellite Co.)Guiana Space Center184028-Apr-1998  18 Ku-band transponders covering Middle East, north and central Africa and southern Europe. Planned for deorbiting in Feb 2013.
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