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Satellite Name 
Satellite Model 
Launch site 
Launch mass 
Launch date
10 EplannedSupremeSat 2  DFH-4 BusSupremeSAT (Pvt) Ltd.Xichang Satellite Launch Center 31-Dec-2016  42 Ku-band transponders
20 EplannedJCSat 16  LS-1300SKY Perfect JSAT CorporationCape Canaveral 30-Jun-2016  In-orbit backup satellite to the existing services in the Ku- and Ka-band for the Japanese market, enabling the provision of more stable satellite services.
39 EplannedEutelsat 9B (E9B)  Eurostar-3000Eutelsat Communications S.A.Baikonur Cosmodrome530030-Jun-2015  66 Ku-band transponders connected to a broad European widebeam and four regional beams over European countries + European Data Relay Satellite System (EDRS) hosted payload
423 EplannedHylas 3 (EDRS-C, Condosat)  Luxor busAvanti Communications LtdTBD 30-Nov-2015  EDRS payload, Ka-band (up to 4GHz) payload. The satellite will be positioned in one of Avanti’s orbital locations with an earth view covering Africa and the Middle East.
526 EplannedBadr 7 (Arabsat 6B)  Eurostar-3000ArabsatGuiana Space Center610030-Dec-2015  up to 24 transponders in Ku-band and 24 Ka spot-beams as well as 3 Ka transponders for additional services over a large coverage that includes the whole of MENA, South and North-West Africa and Central Asia
634 EplannedZohreh 1 (Venus 1)  Ekspress-1000AIranian Space Agency (ISA)Baikonur Cosmodrome95030-Dec-2015  12(+4) Ku-band transponders to bolster Iran's telecommunications capacity in transmission of data as well as broadcast of radio and television programs throughout the country
734 EplannedArabsat 5E  TBDArabsatTBD 1-Jan-2020   
836 EplannedExpress AMU1 (Eutelsat 36C)  Eurostar-3000Russian Satellite Communications CompanyBaikonur Cosmodrome 30-Dec-2015  70 Ku and Ka-band transponders to provide services to European part of Russia as well as Sub-Saharan Africa. Shared capacity with Eutelsat.
939 EplannedEuropasat (HellasSat 3)  Spacebus-4000C3Inmarsat plcBaikonur Cosmodrome570030-Dec-2016  9 S-Band user spot beams in 2 polarizations, using a large Tx antenna of 12 meters diameter to provide mobile broadcast and two-way telecommunications services throughout Europe plus 44 Ku-band transponders payload to replace the existing HellasSat-2 satellite and provide more growth capacities to its customers with diversified footprints in Europe, Middle East and Africa
1042 EplannedTurksat 5A (Tusat 1, Peykom 1)  TBDTurksatTBD270031-Dec-2015  16 Ku-band and 4 C-band transponders
1148 EplannedGSAT 9  I-2K (I-2000) BusIndian National Satellite (INSAT)Satish Dhawan Space Centre (Sriharikota)233030-Jun-2015  6 C band and 24 Ku band transponders with India coverage beam.
1248 EplannedLybid 1 (Лыбидь-1)  Express 1000NTUkrkosmosBaikonur Cosmodrome184530-Sep-2015  30 Ku-band transponders to provide telecommunication services to Ukraine, India and Africa
1348 EplannedAOneSat 1  Ekspress-1000NAOneSat Communications AGTBD150031-Dec-2016  36 transponders in C, Ku and Ka bands
1449 EplannedYamal 601 (Ямал-601)  Spacebus-4000C4Gazprom Space SystemsBaikonur Cosmodrome570030-Jun-2015  18 C-band transponders, 19 Ku-band transponders and 26 Ka-band transponders to replace Yamal-202 at 49East when it reaches end of service.
1550 EplannedTurksat 4B  DS2000TurksatBaikonur Cosmodrome390030-Jun-2015  Ku-, Ka- and C-band transponders
1651 EplannedBelintersat 1 (Belarus Sat 1, BTS-1-30B)  DFH-4 BusBelarus govtXichang Satellite Launch Center 30-Dec-2015  20 C-band and 18 Ku-band transponders
1752 EplannedChinasat 15 (Zhongxing 15, ZX-15)  DFH-4 BusChina Satellite Communications Co. Ltd.(China Satcom)Xichang Satellite Launch Center540030-Jul-2015  Ku, C and Ka-band capacity to serve the demands of communication, satellite broadcasting, data transmission, digital broadband multimedia system and media streaming services in Africa, parts of Europe, the Middle East and central Asia.
1852 EplannedTurkmenAlem 520E (TurkmenÄlem 520E, Turkmenspace 1, Turkmensat-1, MonacoSat)  Spacebus-4000C2SSI Monaco/Ministry of Communications of TurkmenistanCape Canaveral473124-Apr-2015  38 active Ku-band transponders shared over 3 beams. Turkmenistan Minister of Communications owns 26 TPs and the rest 12 TPs with Middle East/North Africa coverage are fully leased to SES.
1960 EplannedIntelsat 33E  BSS-702MPIntelsatGuiana Space Center610030-Dec-2016  High throughput C- and Ku-band payload for Intelsat's Epic system
2074 EplannedGSAT 11  I-4K (I-4000) BusIndian National Satellite (INSAT)Satish Dhawan Space Centre (Sriharikota)450031-Dec-2015  32 Ka x Ku Transponders and 8 Ku x Ka Transponders: 16 Ku-band beams covering Indian mainland & Islands in both polarizations and 2 Ka-band beams over New Delhi & Bangaluru
2175 EplannedABS 2A  BSS-702SPABSCape Canaveral180031-Dec-2015  Multi-beam 48 transponder Ku-band satellite covering the growing markets of Russia, India, Middle East, Africa, South East Asia and the Indian Ocean region
2283 EplannedGSAT 6 (Insat 4E)  I-2K (I-2000) BusIndian National Satellite (INSAT)Satish Dhawan Space Centre (Sriharikota)213230-Jun-2015  5 CxS transponders and 5 SxC transponders to provide entertainment and information services to vehicles through Digital Multimedia consoles and to the Multimedia mobile Phones.
2391 EplannedJabiru 1 (Measat 3C)  A2100ANewSat LtdGuiana Space Center590030-Jun-2016  50 Ka-band transponders in 3 regional, 24 multi-spot and 2 steerable beams to deliver over 7.6 GHz of capacity, providing high-powered Ka-band coverage, to meet the growing demands from government and enterprise sectors across the Middle East, Asia and Africa. 18 Ku-band and 1 S-band transponders marketed as Measat 3C
2492 EplannedChinaSat 9A (Zhongxing 9A, ZX 9A, Sinosat 4, Xinnuo 4, 中星9A)  DFH-4 BusChina Satellite Communications Co. Ltd.(China Satcom)Xichang Satellite Launch Center510030-Dec-2015  22 Ku-band transponders
2593 EplannedGSAT 15  I-3K (I-3000) BusIndian National Satellite (INSAT)TBD310031-Dec-2016  24 ku band transponders and 2 GAGAN navigational payloads and will also carry 2 Ku-Band beacons
2695 EplannedSES 12  Eurostar-3000SES S.A.TBD530030-Dec-2017  Ku- and Ka-bands, with a total of 76 active transponders, and will be equipped with eight antennas providing television broadcasting and telecom infrastructure services from one end of Asia to the other, with beams adapted to six areas of coverage. It will also have a flexible multi-beam processed payload for providing broadband services covering a large expanse from Africa to Russia, Japan and Australia.. It will replace NSS-6 satellite
27108 EplannedSES 9  BSS-702HPSES S.A.Cape Canaveral533030-Jun-2015  81 (36 MHz equivalent) Ku-band transponders to provide Direct-to-Home (DTH) broadcasting and other communications services in Northeast Asia, South Asia and Indonesia, as well as maritime communications for vessels in the Indian Ocean
28110 EplannedJCSat 15  LS-1300SKY Perfect JSAT CorporationGuiana Space Center340031-Dec-2016  Ku-band satellite to provide television broadcasts for pay-television service. The satellite will serve as a successor to the N-SAT-110 satellite
29113 EplannedKoreasat 5A (Mugungwha 5A)  Spacebus-4000B2KT CorporationTBD350031-Dec-2017  Ku-band transponders to provide Internet access, multimedia, broadcasting and fixed communications services
30116 EplannedKoreasat 7 (Mugungwha 7)  Spacebus-4000B2KT CorporationTBD350031-Dec-2017  Ku-band and Ka-band transponders to provide Internet access, multimedia, broadcasting and fixed communications services
31119 EplannedBangabandhu-1 (BD-1)  TBDBPT - Bangladesh Post and TelecommunicationsTBD 31-Dec-2016   
32122 EplannedAsiasat 9  LS-1300Asia Satellite Telecommunications Co. Ltd.TBD 31-Dec-2016  C, Ku, and Ka-band, transponders. It will be located at 122 degrees East Longitude where it will replace AsiaSat 4.
33125 EplannedChinasat M (Zhongxing M, ZX-M)  DFH-4 BusChina Satellite Communications Co. Ltd.(China Satcom)Xichang Satellite Launch Center540027-Dec-2015  45 C-band and Ku-band transponders (Linear Polarization ) to provide Direct-to-Home, data transmission and digital broadband multimedia services for clients in Asia, Australia including the regions of China Sea and Indian Ocean, etc.
34129 EplannedLAOSat 1  DFH-4 BusLaos National Authority for Science and Technology (NAST)Xichang Satellite Launch Center520030-Dec-2015  14 C-band transponders, 8 Ku-band transponders
35142 EplannedApstar 9  DFH-4 BusAPT Satellite Holdings Ltd.Xichang Satellite Launch Center 30-Nov-2015  39.5 C- and 21 Ku-band transponders
36148 EplannedMeasat 2A  TBDMEASAT Satellite Systems Sdn. Bhd.TBD 30-Dec-2016  C and Ku-band capacity to provide services to Asia, Papua New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands
37154 EplannedJCSat 14  LS-1300SKY Perfect JSAT CorporationCape Canaveral 30-Dec-2015  26 C-band transponders and 18-Ku-band transponders for service in Asia, Russia, Oceania, and the Pacific Islands. The C-band coverage will be used for both broadcast and data networks and the satellite's Ku-band regional beams will provide high-speed connectivity for maritime, aviation and resource exploration use. Will replace JCSat 2A
38162 EplannedSuperbird 8  DS2000SKY Perfect JSAT CorporationTBD 30-Dec-2015  Ku-band and Ka-band Japan beam and Ku-band steerable beam. Replacement to Superbird B2 satellite.
39180plannedInmarsat 5 F3 (Inmarsat 5F3, I5-POR)  BSS-702HPInmarsat plcBaikonur Cosmodrome610030-Dec-2015  89 Ka-band beams generated by two transmit and two receive apertures to provide high-speed broadband mobile satellite communication services up to 50Mbps to Pacific Ocean Region. 6 Steerable spot beams to direct additional capacity where it is needed. Planned for 178W or 180 orbital position
40117 WplannedMexSat 2 (Morelos 3)  BSS-702HPMexican Secretary of Communication and Transportation (SCT)Cape Canaveral580030-Dec-2015  L and Ku-band transponders (122 spot L-band beams) to provide secure communications for Mexico’s national security needs, as well as enhanced coverage for the country’s civil telecommunications
41117 WplannedEutelsat 117 West B (E117WB, Satmex 9)  BSS-702SPEutelsat Communications S.A.Cape Canaveral 30-Dec-2015  48 Ku-band transponders to offer expanded capacity across more than 45 nations and territories in the Americas. It will also carry a hosted payload enabling the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to enhance aviation safety—the FAA payload is the first in a series of Wide-Area Augmentation System (WAAS) commercial space missions.
42113 WplannedMexSat 1 (Mexsat Centenario, MexSat-G1)  BSS-702HPMexican Secretary of Communication and Transportation (SCT)Baikonur Cosmodrome532330-May-2015  L and Ku-band transponders (122 spot L-band beams) to provide secure communications for Mexico’s national security needs, as well as enhanced coverage for the country’s civil telecommunications
43110 WplannedEchostar 18  LS-1300EchoStar CorporationTBD 30-Dec-2015  will replace EchoStar 10 at 110W
44109 WplannedEchostar 19 (Jupiter 2, Spaceway 5)  LS-1300EchoStar CorporationGuiana Space Center663731-Dec-2016  Ka-band transponders to provide high capacity and high-speed satellite Internet service in North America
45107 WplannedSkyterra 2 (MSV 2)  BSS-702LightSquared / Skyterra Communications Inc.Baikonur Cosmodrome563930-Dec-2015  152 Tranponders (L and Ku band) to provide reliable, advanced and widespread voice and data coverage throughout North and South America.
46103 WplannedDirectv 15  Eurostar-3000DirecTV, Inc. Guiana Space Center630020-May-2015  30 high power transponders in Ku-band, 24 transponders in Ka-band, 18 transponders in Reverse Band, and will be able to operate from up to five orbital locations from 99°W to 119°W, covering Continental US (CONUS), Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico
4795 WplannedIntelsat 31 (DLA 2)  LS-1300IntelsatBaikonur Cosmodrome630030-Dec-2015  10 C- and 72 Ku-band transponders to provide DTH services to Latin America
4891 WplannedSpaceway 6  TBDEchoStar CorporationTBD663717-Jun-2016  Ka-band capacity to provide a variety of two-way communications services to business and residential customers in the United States, including high-speed data services, high-definition video programming, on-demand entertainment, digital music, interactive television, and high-speed Internet access.
4984 WplannedStar One D1  LS-1300Star One (EMBRATEL)Guiana Space Center634030-Mar-2016  28 C-band,24 Ku-band transponders and up to 300 Ka-band transponders of 36 MHz equivalent
5081 WplannedARSAT 2  ARSat-BusARSAT (Empresa Argentina de Soluciones Satelitales Sociedad Anonima)Guiana Space Center290020-Aug-2015  26 Ku-band (2 beams) and 10 C-band (hemi beam) equivalent transponders to provide a wide range of telecommunications, data transmission, Internet and television services, primarily across the Americas from Argentina to Canada.
5181 WplannedARSAT 3  ARSat-BusARSAT (Empresa Argentina de Soluciones Satelitales Sociedad Anonima)Guiana Space Center 30-Dec-2015   
5279 WplannedSky-Mexico 1 (SKYM-1, DIRECTV KU-79W)  GEOStar-2 BusDirecTV, Inc. Guiana Space Center247520-May-2015  24 active Ku-band transponders and 2 active R-Band transponders providing Direct-to-Home broadcast services to the Mexico, Central America, and Caribbean Regions
5370 WplannedStar One C4  LS-1300Star One (EMBRATEL)Guiana Space Center56352-Jul-2015  48 Ku-band transponders
5467 WplannedSES 10  Eurostar-3000SES S.A.Cape Canaveral530031-Dec-2016  50 high-power Ku-Band transponders to provide excellent coverage of the Gulf of Mexico, serve the Spanish speaking South America in one single beam, and offer complete coverage of Brazil with the ability to support oil and gas exploration off the shores of Brazil
5565 WplannedEutelsat 65 West A (E65WA)  LS-1300Eutelsat Communications S.A.TBD 31-Mar-2016  10 C-band (54 MHz bandwidth) transponders to cover western parts of Brazil, 24 Ku-band (36 MHz) transponders covering Brazil and Spanish-speaking Latin America and up to 24 Ka-band spotbeams designed to serve the most populated urban and suburban parts of Brazil and able to serve cities on the Pacific coastline and in Central America, according to market requirements.
5661 WplannedAmazonas 4B  GEOStar-2 BusHispasatTBD 30-Nov-2015  18 Ka-band transponders (14 for users and 4 for Gateways)
5756 WplannedIntelsat 34 (IS-34)  LS-1300IntelsatTBD330030-Sep-2015  22 C-band channels to provide services to to North and South America and Europe and 18 Ku-band channels to provide services to Mexico, Central America, Brazil, the Caribbean, Europe, a portion of the United States, and the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean. It will serve the role originally intended for Intelsat 27 that was lost at launch failure and will replace Intelsat 805 and Galaxy 11 at 304.5 degrees East longitude position
5850 WplannedIntelsat 29E (IS-29E)  BSS-702MPIntelsatTBD630031-Dec-2015  12 C-band transponders to provide coverage of South America, 46 Ku-band transponders to provide coverage of North America, Europe, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, South America, and the North Atlantic Ocean region and 1 Ka-band transponder (500MHz) to provide global coverage
5943 WplannedIntelsat 32e (IS-32e, SKY-Brasil 1)  Eurostar-3000IntelsatGuiana Space Center630030-Sep-2016  81 Ku-band and Ka-band transponders to expand the delivery of high definition, 3-D television and cinema programming throughout Brazil
6036 WplannedHispasat AG1 (HAG1, Hispasat Advanced Generation 1, Hispasat 2A)  Luxor busHispasatGuiana Space Center32001-Oct-2013 - 30-Dec-2015  - Transparent Ku-band repeater with 24 (BOL) / 20 (EOL) simultaneously operating transponders at saturation - Transparent Ka-band Repeater with 5/3 simultaneously operating transponders at saturation. - 4 DVB-RCS/DVB-S2 On-Board Processors (OBPs), using up to 4 channels in Ku-band
6130 WplannedHispasat 1F  LS-1300HispasatGuiana Space Center 30-Dec-2016  58 Ku-band transponders (to replace Hispasat 1C/1D)
6214 WplannedExpress AM8  Express 1000SNRussian Satellite Communications CompanyBaikonur Cosmodrome210018-Jun-2015  24 C-band, 16 Ku-band and 2 L-band transponders to provide services to Europe, Africa and Americas
638 WplannedEutelsat 8 West B  Spacebus-4000C3Eutelsat Communications S.A.Guiana Space Center560020-Aug-2015  40 operational Ku-band transponders designed primarily to serve DTH markets in North Africa and the Middle East. It will also introduce a C-band mission to 8° West, with 10 operational transponders connected to footprints covering the African continent and reaching west to South America.
644 WplannedAmos 6  Amos BusSpacecom Satellite CommunicationsCape Canaveral500030-Sep-2015   39 Ku-band segments and 24 Ka-band broadband beams to provide a wide array of services. Steerable Ku-band Pan-European and Middle East coverage as well as Ka-band beams for broadband services over Africa and Europe. Amos 6 is planned to replace the Amos 2 satellite in the 4 degrees West orbital slot
651 WplannedThor 7  LS-1300Telenor Satellite BroadcastingGuiana Space Center460024-Apr-2015  11 Ku-band transponders, dedicated to expanded broadcast services in Europe and additional Ku-band capacity for back-up. Ka-band payload to meet the growing demand for high-bandwidth broadband communications by the maritime industry and includes spot beams over the North Sea, Norwegian Sea, Red Sea, Baltic Sea, the Persian Gulf, and the Mediterranean.
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