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Satellite Name 
Satellite Model 
Launch site 
Launch mass 
Launch date
125 EmovingInmarsat-3F5 (Inmarsat 3F5, I3F5, IND-W)251531998-006BAS-4000Inmarsat plcGuiana Space Center198022-Jan-1998  22 (+11) L-band transponders (22W Power amplifiers), C-band uplink. 7 Wide Spots and 1 Global Beam to provide broadcasting, business services and mobile communications. Limited services on a single spot beam, back-up and leased capacity
233 EmovingEutelsat 33D (Eutelsat 8 West C, E8WC, Eutelsat Hot Bird 13A, HB13A, HB6, HotBird 6, Hot bird 6)274992002-038ASpacebus-3000B3Eutelsat Communications S.A.Cape Canaveral380028-Aug-2002  28 Ku-band, 4 Ka-band transponders providing cable programming and direct-to-home broadcasting.
336 EmovingEutelsat 36A (E36A, W4, Eutelsat W4)263692000-028ASpacebus-3000B2Eutelsat Communications S.A.Cape Canaveral319024-May-2000  31 Ku-band transponders covering Western Russia and majoritiy of central and southern Afirca.
4108 EmovingSES 9413802016-013ABSS-702HPSES S.A.Cape Canaveral533028-Feb-2016  81 (36 MHz equivalent) Ku-band transponders to provide Direct-to-Home (DTH) broadcasting and other communications services in Northeast Asia, South Asia and Indonesia, as well as maritime communications for vessels in the Indian Ocean
5142 EmovingApstar 9A (ChinaSat 5A, Zhongwei 1, Chinastar 1, 中星5A, ZX-5A)253541998-033AA2100AAPT Satellite Holdings Ltd.Xichang Satellite Launch Center298430-May-1998  18 C-band and 20 Ku-band transponders to provide voice and video communications throughout China and neighboring countries.
6117 WmovingMexSat 2 (Morelos 3)409462015-056ABSS-702HPMexican Secretary of Communication and Transportation (SCT)Cape Canaveral58002-Oct-2015  L and Ku-band transponders (122 spot L-band beams) to provide secure communications for Mexico’s national security needs, as well as enhanced coverage for the country’s civil telecommunications
765 WmovingEutelsat 65 West A (E65WA)413822016-014ALS-1300Eutelsat Communications S.A.Guiana Space Center67079-Mar-2016  10 C-band (54 MHz bandwidth) transponders to cover western parts of Brazil, 24 Ku-band (36 MHz) transponders covering Brazil and Spanish-speaking Latin America and up to 24 Ka-band spotbeams designed to serve the most populated urban and suburban parts of Brazil and able to serve cities on the Pacific coastline and in Central America, according to market requirements.
814 WmovingExpress A4 (Express A1R, Ekspress A1R, Express 41R, Express 41P, Atlantic Bird 14)274412002-029AMSS-2500-GSORussian Satellite Communications CompanyBaikonur Cosmodrome250010-Jun-2002  12 C-Band and 5 Ku-band transponders to provide TV and radio broadcasting, communications, Internet, video-conference and other services to Russia and neighboring countries.
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