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Position asc  
Satellite Name 
Satellite Model 
Launch site 
Launch mass 
Launch date
169 EmovingIntelsat 7 (IS-7, PAS-7)254731998-052ALS-1300IntelsatGuiana Space Center383316-Sep-1998  14 C-band and 30 Ku-band transponders providing voice and video communications to Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe. Planned for relocation to 18.2 West orbital slot.
2120 EmovingAsiasat 6 (Thaicom 7)401412014-052ALS-1300Asia Satellite Telecommunications Co. Ltd.Cape Canaveral37007-Sep-2014  28 C-band transponders to provide services via its regional beam in South Asia and Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand
3158 EmovingLuch 4 (Loutch-4, Луч-4, Енисей-А1, Enisey-A1)402582014-058AEkspress-2000Roscosmos (Russian Federal Space Agency)Baikonur Cosmodrome335827-Sep-2014  6 Ku and S band capacity
4164 EmovingOptus 10401462014-054ALS-1300Optus CommunicationsGuiana Space Center327011-Sep-2014  24 Ku-band transponders to provide high quality broadcast services to households, and twoway voice and data communication services to areas in and around Australia and NZ
595 WmovingIntelsat 30 (ISDLA-1, DLA 1)402712014-062BLS-1300IntelsatGuiana Space Center630016-Oct-2014  4 C-band and 73 Ku-band transponders to provide DTH services to southwest coast of the United States, South America excluding Brazil, and a portion of the Caribbean
672 WmovingARSAT 1402722014-062AARSat-BusARSAT (Empresa Argentina de Soluciones Satelitales Sociedad Anonima)Guiana Space Center290016-Oct-2014  24 Ku-band transponders to provide data, telephone, and television transmission services for Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Bolivia
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