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Position asc  
Satellite Name 
Satellite Model 
Launch site 
Launch mass 
Launch date
126 EtestingBadr 7 (Arabsat 6B)410292015-065BEurostar-3000ArabsatGuiana Space Center579810-Nov-2015  24 transponders in Ku-band and Multi-spot beams in Ka-band as well as 3 Ka-band transponders for additional services over a large coverage that includes MENA-East, MENA-South, Africa-North, West Africa and Central Asia.
2140 EtestingNBN-Co 1A (Sky Muster)409402015-054ALS-1300NBN Co LimitedGuiana Space Center644030-Sep-2015  110 Ka-band spot beams to deliver high-speed broadband service to rural and remote areas of Australia.
3150 EtestingAsiasat 3S256571999-013AHS-601HPAsia Satellite Telecommunications Co. Ltd.Baikonur Cosmodrome348021-Mar-1999  28 C-band, 16 Ku-band; broadcasting, internet services, multimedia, telecommunications
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