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Position asc  
Satellite Name 
Satellite Model 
Launch site 
Launch mass 
Launch date
126 EtestingBadr 7 (Arabsat 6B)410292015-065BEurostar-3000ArabsatGuiana Space Center579810-Nov-2015  24 transponders in Ku-band and Multi-spot beams in Ka-band as well as 3 Ka-band transponders for additional services over a large coverage that includes MENA-East, MENA-South, Africa-North, West Africa and Central Asia.
2150 EtestingAsiasat 3S256571999-013AHS-601HPAsia Satellite Telecommunications Co. Ltd.Baikonur Cosmodrome348021-Mar-1999  28 C-band, 16 Ku-band; broadcasting, internet services, multimedia, telecommunications
3150 EtestingBRIsat415912016-039ALS-1300PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk.Guiana Space Center350016-Jun-2016  9 Ku-band transponders, 36 C-band transponders to provide enhanced secure banking communications for more than 10,600 operational branches, as well as to some 237,000 electronic channel outlets and nearly 53 million customers across the Indonesian archipelago
450 WtestingIntelsat 29E (IS-29E)413082016-004ABSS-702MPIntelsatGuiana Space Center655228-Jan-2016  20 C-band transponders to provide coverage of South America, 249 Ku-band transponders (36 MHz equivalent) to provide coverage of North America, Europe, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, South America, and the North Atlantic Ocean region and 1 (450MHz) Ka-band transponder to provide global coverage
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