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Satellite Name 
Satellite Model 
Launch site 
Launch mass 
Launch date
17 EmovingEutelsat 7C443342019-034BLS-1300Eutelsat Communications S.A.Guiana Space Center340020-Jun-2019  44 operational Ku-band transponders to provide broadcast services to multiple regions including Africa, the Middle East, and Turkey
211 EmovingInmarsat GX5 (Inmarsat 5F5, I5F5, GX5)448012019-080BSpacebus-4000B2Inmarsat plcGuiana Space Center400729-Nov-2019  72 Ka-band spot beams to provide Very High Throughput Satellite (VHTS) services across the Middle East, Europe and the Indian subcontinent
345 EmovingIntelsat 12 (IS 12, PAS 12, Europe*Star 1)265902000-068ALS-1300IntelsatGuiana Space Center416729-Oct-2000  30 Ku-band; highest powered Ku-band cross connection between South East Asia and Europe.
466 EmovingIntelsat 9 (IS 9, PAS 9, PAS-23)264512000-043AHS-601HPIntelsatSea Launch (Odyssey platform)365928-Jul-2000  24 C-band, 24 Ku-band transponders delivering 160 voice, video, data, and Internet channels to Americas, Caribbean, Europe. Planned for relocation to 50 West orbital location
580 EmovingExpress AM22 (Sesat 2, Ekspress AM22)281342003-060AMSS-2500-GSORussian Satellite Communications CompanyBaikonur Cosmodrome260028-Dec-2003  24 (+8) Ku-band transponders to provide a package of communications services (digital TV, telephony, videoconferencing, data transmission, the Internet access) and to deploy satellite networks by applying VSAT technology.
6134 EmovingAPSTAR 6 (APSTAR 5B)286382005-012ASpacebus-4000C2APT Satellite Holdings Ltd.Xichang Satellite Launch Center468012-Apr-2005  38 C-band transponders, 12 Ku-band transponders
7146 EmovingAsiasat 3S256571999-013AHS-601HPAsia Satellite Telecommunications Co. Ltd.Baikonur Cosmodrome348021-Mar-1999  28 C-band, 16 Ku-band; broadcasting, internet services, multimedia, telecommunications
8150 EmovingJCSat 18 (Kacific-1)448682019-091ABSS-702SKY Perfect JSAT CorporationCape Canaveral680016-Dec-2019  Ku and Ka-band HTS (56 narrow beams) mission over Asia Pacific including Far East Russia as well as a traditional wide-beam mission over East Asia, in response to not only mobility and broadband demands but also government and cellular backhaul demands
945 WmovingEchostar 23 (Echostar XXIII)420702017-014ALS-1300EchoStar CorporationCape Canaveral550016-Mar-2017  32 Ku-band transponders to provide DTH/DBS services. Planned for relocation to 72.6W Orbital position
1030 WmovingHispasat 143W-1 (H143W-1, Hispasat 30W-4, H30W-4, Hispasat 1D)275282002-044ASpacebus-3000B2HispasatCape Canaveral328818-Sep-2002  28 transponders in Ku-band and several X-band. Fourth of Spain's communications satellites with government, commercial and military application. Moving to 143W orbital location
1129 WmovingIntelsat 901 (IS-901)268242001-024ALS-1300IntelsatGuiana Space Center47239-Jun-2001  44 C-band and 12 Ku-band transponders, broadcasting, business services, direct-to-home TV broadcasting, telecommunications, VSAT networks. Planned for deployment to the 27.5° W.L. orbital location. The satellite will be raised to 300 km above the geostationary arc and dock with the MEV-1 (S2990) spacecraft. Intelsat 901 will then be reinserted to 27.5° W.L as a combined vehicle stack (“CVS”) with MEV-1.
1215 WmovingInmarsat-3F2 (Inmarsat 3F2, I3F2, AOR-E)243071996-053AAS-4000Inmarsat plcBaikonur Cosmodrome11106-Sep-1996  22 (+11) L-band transponders (22W Power amplifiers), C-band uplink. 7 Wide Spots and 1 Global Beam to provide broadcasting, business services and mobile communications to Atlantic Ocean Region-East
135 WmovingEutelsat 5 West B (E5WB)446242019-067AGEOStar-2Eutelsat Communications S.A.Baikonur Cosmodrome28649-Oct-2019  35 Ku-band transponders to provide digital infrastructure addressing predominantly French, Italian and Algerian broadcast markets. On October 24, 2019, Eutelsat announced an investigation into a malfunction on one of the two solar arrays on its EUTELSAT 5 West B satellite. Pursuant to this investigation, the loss of the satellite’s South solar array has been confirmed. With the exception of the South solar array, the satellite performance remains nominal. The attendant power loss means ~45% of the capacity of the satellite can be operated.
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