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Position asc  
Satellite Name 
Satellite Model 
Launch site 
Launch mass 
Launch date
139 EmovingHellasSat 2 (Hellas Sat 2, Intelsat K-TV, NSS K-TV)278112003-020AEurostar-2000+Hellas-Sat (Arabsat subsidiary)Cape Canaveral330012-May-2003  30 Ku-band; television broadcasting services for the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens.
239 EmovingHellasSat 4 (SaudiGeoSat 1)440342019-007AA2100AHellas-Sat (Arabsat subsidiary)Guiana Space Center64955-Feb-2019  Hellas Sat 4 will be launched in H2 2018 to provide in-orbit backup, redundancy services for Hellas Sat 3 and further expansion over Europe and Southern Africa, through Ku capacity
345 EmovingIntelsat 12 (IS 12, PAS 12, Europe*Star 1)265902000-068ALS-1300IntelsatGuiana Space Center416729-Oct-2000  30 Ku-band; highest powered Ku-band cross connection between South East Asia and Europe.
445 EmovingIntelsat 904 (IS-904)273802002-007ALS-1300IntelsatBaikonur Cosmodrome468023-Feb-2002  44 C-band and 12 Ku-band transponders, broadcasting, business services, direct-to-home TV broadcasting, telecommunications, VSAT networks. Planned for relocation to 45E orbital position where it is planned to replace Intelsat 12 that is expected to be deorbited at the end of 2017
548 EmovingGSAT 31440352019-007BI-2K (I-2000) BusIndian National Satellite (INSAT)Guiana Space Center25365-Feb-2019  19 Ku-band transponders to provide services to Indian mainland and island. Replacement for Insat 4CR.
655 EmovingGSAT 29436982018-089AI-3K (I-3000) BusIndian National Satellite (INSAT)Satish Dhawan Space Centre (Sriharikota)342314-Nov-2018  4 user spot Ka-band beams and 4 user spot Ku-band beams to provide Village Resource Centres (VRC) in rural areas to bridge the digital divide of users including those in Jammu & Kashmir and North Eastern regions of India. It also features Q/V band payload, optical communication payload and GEO High Resolution Camera (GHRC) camera with telescope
780 EmovingExpress AM22 (Sesat 2, Ekspress AM22)281342003-060AMSS-2500-GSORussian Satellite Communications CompanyBaikonur Cosmodrome260028-Dec-2003  24 (+8) Ku-band transponders to provide a package of communications services (digital TV, telephony, videoconferencing, data transmission, the Internet access) and to deploy satellite networks by applying VSAT technology.
8146 EmovingPSN 6 (PSN VI, Nusantara Satu)440482019-009ALS-1300PT Pasifik Satelite Nusantara (PSN)Cape Canaveral500022-Feb-2019  38 C-band and 18 Ku-band high-throughput transponders to provide voice and data communications, broadband Internet, and video distribution throughout the Indonesian archipelago
967 WmovingAstra 1H257851999-033ABSS-601HPSES S.A.Baikonur Cosmodrome369018-Jun-1999  32 Ku-band (for first five years, 28 after) transponders
1015 WmovingInmarsat-3F2 (Inmarsat 3F2, I3F2, AOR-E)243071996-053AAS-4000Inmarsat plcBaikonur Cosmodrome11106-Sep-1996  22 (+11) L-band transponders (22W Power amplifiers), C-band uplink. 7 Wide Spots and 1 Global Beam to provide broadcasting, business services and mobile communications to Atlantic Ocean Region-East
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