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10 EactiveH2Sat (Heinrich Hertz)572132023-093ASmallGEO (Luxor) busGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)Guiana Space Center34085-Jul-2024FootprintsChartsIn accordance with the German space strategy the Heinrich-Hertz mission shall achieve the following goals: Maintaining and developing key skills of German payload and platform technologies for geostationary communication satellites; Securing and strengthening system capability for payloads of geostationary communications satellites; Demonstration of scientific/technical communication experiments including new ground technologies; Maintaining and expanding the system capability for small geostationary communication satellites in an independent German Mission; Provision of satellite transponder capacity for the tasks of the German Ministry of Defense.
22 EactiveBulgariaSat-1428012017-038ALS-1300BulgariaSatCape Canaveral SFS366923-Jun-2017FootprintsCharts30 Ku-band BSS and 3 Ku-band FSS transponders to provide Direct-To-Home TV, VSAT Communications, Corporate Networks, Occasional Use and SNG satellite services for the Balkans and Europe
33 EactiveEutelsat 3B (E3B)397732014-030AEurostar-3000Eutelsat Communications S.A.Sea Launch (Odyssey platform)596727-May-2014FootprintsCharts51 C, Ku and Ka-band transponders to provide video, data, Internet and telecom services across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and parts of South America. A Ku-band payload of up to 30 transponders will be connected to widebeam footprints over extended Europe and East Africa. A steerable beam will add further flexibility, with coverage possible of South America or African regions. This capacity will address video contribution, corporate networks, data and telecom markets. A C-band payload with 12 transponders connected to a pan-African beam will respond to continued high demand for capacity for telecom services. A Ka-band payload of nine transponders connected to steerable beams that are in particular expected to cover Africa and South America will meet expanding connectivity requirements for corporate networks and Internet access.
43 EactiveEutelsat Konnect VHTS537652022-110ASpacebus NEOEutelsat Communications S.A.Guiana Space Center63967-Sep-2022FootprintsChartsNew-generation high-throughput Ka-band satellite to serve Europe with Ka-band capacity of 500 Gbps ~230 Ka-band spot beams
53 EactiveRascom 1R (RASCOM-QAF 1R)368312010-037BSpacebus-4000B3RascomStar-QAFGuiana Space Center30504-Aug-2010FootprintsCharts12 Ku-band transponders, 8 C-band transponders to provide fixed voice, data telecommunications and Internet access as well as broadcasting satellite services to the whole African continent, although its footprint extends beyond Africa to include part of Europe and of the Middle East.
65 EactiveAstra 4A (Sirius 4)322992007-057AA2100AXSES S.A.Baikonur Cosmodrome460018-Nov-2007FootprintsCharts40 BSS and 12 FSS Ku-band transponders as well as 2 Ka-band transponders covering Europe and Africa (designated as Astra 4A)
75 EactiveSES 5 (Sirius 5, Astra 4B)386522012-036ALS-1300SES S.A.Baikonur Cosmodrome60869-Jul-2012FootprintsCharts24 C-band transponders, 36 Ku-band transponders to provide direct-to-home broadcasting, broadband, point-to-point, and VSAT services in Europe and Africa. Will also carry L-band navigation payload as part of the European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS)
87 EactiveEutelsat 7B (E7B, Eutelsat 3D, E3D, W3D, Eutelsat W3D)391632013-022ASpacebus-4000C3Eutelsat Communications S.A.Baikonur Cosmodrome547014-May-2013FootprintsCharts56 Ku and Ka-band transponders. W3D satellite will deliver three key coverage zones: high-power Ku-band coverage of Europe with a beam centred over Central Europe and Turkey particularly optimised for Direct-to-Home (DTH) reception; extensive coverage across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East as far as Central Asia, via a Ku-band beam for professional video links and data networks; and Ku-band coverage of Sub-Saharan Africa and Indian Ocean islands for regional telecommunications and Internet services. Interconnection with Europe will also be possible with the African coverage through a combination of Ka-band frequencies in Europe and Ku-band frequencies in Africa
97 EactiveEutelsat 7C443342019-034BLS-1300Eutelsat Communications S.A.Guiana Space Center340020-Jun-2019FootprintsCharts44 operational Ku-band transponders to provide broadcast services to multiple regions including Africa, the Middle East, and Turkey
107 EactiveEutelsat Konnect (BB4A)450272020-005BSpacebus NEOEutelsat Communications S.A.Guiana Space Center361916-Jan-2020FootprintsCharts92 Ka-band Spot beams to provide high-speed Internet services for markets in Africa and Western Europe offering total capacity of 75 Gbps
119 EactiveEutelsat 9B (E9B, EDRS-A)413102016-005AEurostar-3000Eutelsat Communications S.A.Baikonur Cosmodrome517530-Jan-2016FootprintsCharts66 Ku-band transponders connected to a broad European widebeam and four regional beams over European countries + European Data Relay Satellite System (EDRS) hosted payload
129 EactiveEutelsat KA-SAT 9A (KASAT, KA-Sat)372582010-069AEurostar-3000Eutelsat Communications S.A.Baikonur Cosmodrome615026-Dec-2010FootprintsCharts82(83) Ka-band spotbeams for consumer broadband services across Europe and the Mediterranean Basin. Beams 80 and 83 are switcheable.
1310 EactiveEutelsat 10A (E10A, W2A, Eutelsat W2A)347102009-016ASpacebus-4000C4Eutelsat Communications S.A.Baikonur Cosmodrome59153-Apr-2009FootprintsChartsUp to 46 Ku-band, 10 C-band and S-band transponders to provide professional video, broadband, business networks, telecommunications and mobile TV services to Europe, Middle East, Africa and Indian Ocean
1410 EactiveEchostar 21 (EchoStar T2, TerreStar 2)427492017-032ALS-1300SEchoStar CorporationBaikonur Cosmodrome69006-Jun-2017FootprintsChartsS-band transponders to provide 2 GHz mobile voice and data communications services in Europe
1510 EactiveEutelsat 10B (E10B)542592022-157ASpacebus NEOEutelsat Communications S.A.Cape Canaveral SFS550023-Nov-2022FootprintsCharts12 Ku-band and 10 C-band transponders. 116 Ku-band User Spot beams and 6 Ka-band Gateway beams. The satellite will provide inflight and maritime connectivity services over the North Atlantic corridor, at the center of Europe, the Mediterranean basin and the Middle East, with visibility across the Atlantic Ocean, Africa and the Indian Ocean. The satellite will carry two multi-beam HTS Ku-band payloads: a high-capacity payload, covering the North Atlantic corridor, Europe, the Mediterranean basin and the Middle East, offering significant throughput in the busiest air and sea traffic zones, and a second payload to extend coverage across the Atlantic Ocean, Africa and the Indian Ocean.
1611 EactiveInmarsat GX5 (Inmarsat 5F5, I5F5, GX5)448012019-080BSpacebus-4000B2Inmarsat plcGuiana Space Center400729-Nov-2019FootprintsCharts72 Ka-band spot beams to provide Very High Throughput Satellite (VHTS) services across the Middle East, Europe and the Indian subcontinent
1713 EactiveEutelsat Hot Bird 13F (Hotbird 13F, HB13F)540482022-134AEurostar-NeoEutelsat Communications S.A.Cape Canaveral SFS450015-Oct-2022FootprintsCharts80 Ku band transponders to deliver improved performances over the European and Middle-Eastern footprint
1813 EactiveEutelsat Hot Bird 13G (Hotbird 13G, HB13G)542252022-146AEurostar-NeoEutelsat Communications S.A.Cape Canaveral SFS45003-Nov-2022FootprintsCharts80 Ku band transponders to deliver improved performances over the European and Middle-Eastern footprint
1913 EactiveEutelsat Hot Bird 13B (HB13B, HB8, Hotbird 8, Hot Bird 8)292702006-032AEurostar-3000Eutelsat Communications S.A.Baikonur Cosmodrome48754-Aug-2006FootprintsCharts64 Ku-band transponders to provide radio and television coverage through 950 digital channels to Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.
2013 EactiveEutelsat Hot Bird 13E (HB13E, Eutelsat 9A, E9A, Eurobird 9A, Hot Bird 7A, Hotbird 7A)289462006-007BSpacebus-3000B3Eutelsat Communications S.A.Guiana Space Center410011-Mar-2006FootprintsCharts38 Ku-band transponders to provide video and Internet services to Europe.
2116 EactiveEutelsat 16A (E16A, W3C, Eutelsat W3C)378362011-057ASpacebus-4000C3Eutelsat Communications S.A.Xichang Satellite Launch Center54007-Oct-2011FootprintsCharts53 Ku and 3 Ka-band transponders to provide broadcasting, broadband, video, data transmission and internet access services to Europe, Middle East, the Indian Ocean Islands and Africa.
2217 EactiveAmos 17444792019-050ABSS-702MPSpacecom Satellite CommunicationsCape Canaveral SFS65006-Aug-2019FootprintsChartsKa,Ku and C-band capacity to expand and strengthen Spacecom’s coverage of the growing satellite service markets in Africa, the Middle East and Europe
2319 EactiveAstra 1N377752011-041AEurostar-3000SES S.A.Guiana Space Center53506-Aug-2011FootprintsCharts52 active Ku-band transponders to provide direct-to-home digital and high-definition television broadcasting to Europe
2419 EactiveAstra 1L313062007-016AA2100AXSSES S.A.Guiana Space Center44974-May-2007FootprintsCharts29 Ku-band transponders, 2 Ka-band transponders
2519 EactiveAstra 1KR290552006-012AA2100AXSSES S.A.Cape Canaveral SFS433220-Apr-2006FootprintsCharts32 Ku-band transponders
2619 EactiveAstra 1G250711997-076ABSS-601HPSES S.A.Baikonur Cosmodrome33792-Dec-1997FootprintsCharts32 Ku-band transponders providing Direct-to-home tv; multimedia to Europe
2719 EactiveAstra 1M334362008-057AEurostar-3000SES S.A.Baikonur Cosmodrome53205-Nov-2008FootprintsCharts36 Ku-band transponders to provide DTH (including HDTV) services to Europe, Middle East and Africa
2820 EactiveArabsat 5C378102011-049BEurostar-3000ArabsatGuiana Space Center461921-Sep-2011FootprintsCharts26 active C-band transponders, 12 active Ka-band transponders to provide a wide range of telecommunication services to MENA
2921 EactiveEutelsat 21B (E21B, W6A, Eutelsat W6A)389922012-062BSpacebus-4000C3Eutelsat Communications S.A.Guiana Space Center501210-Nov-2012FootprintsCharts40 Ku-band transponders to provide data, professional video and government services across Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. It will be equipped with one broad footprint sweeping across Europe into North Africa and Central Asia, and two dedicated high-power beams to add increased flexibility for regional coverage of North Africa and the Middle East.
3021 EactiveGovSat-1 (SES 16)431782018-013AGEOStar-3SES S.A.Cape Canaveral SFS423030-Jan-2018FootprintsChartsSES-16/GovSat is a multi-mission satellite using dedicated military frequencies (X-band and military Ka-band) offering in total 68 transponder-equivalent units of 36 MHz. It will combine a global X-band beam for wide-area communications, a European Anchor beam to interconnect agency headquarters and six high-powered, fully steerable spot beams that can direct focused capacity wherever it is needed, whenever it is needed. Services supported by the satellite include secure radio communications, data-intensive applications, mobile communications and Intelligence, Reconnaissance & Security services. The satellite will be operated by LuxGovSat, a new company jointly incorporated by SES and the Luxembourg Government.
3123 EactiveAstra 3B365812010-021AEurostar-3000SES S.A.Guiana Space Center547221-May-2010FootprintsCharts60 Ku-Band and 4 Ka-Band transponders to provide direct-to-home (DTH) broadcast services and two-way broadband services across Europe and Middle East.
3223 EactiveAstra 5B (Hylas 2B)396172014-011BEurostar-3000SES S.A.Guiana Space Center575522-Mar-2014FootprintsCharts40 Ku-band transponders extending SES ASTRA's transponder capacity and geographical reach over Eastern European and neighboring markets for DTH, Direct-to-Cable (DTC) and contribution feeds to Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) networks. 6 Ka-band transponders leased to Avanti and Marketed as Hylas-2B. Hosted payload for the European Commission's (EC) European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS).
3323 EactiveAngosat 2540332022-131AExpress-1000SNAngolan National Space Program Management Office (GGPEN)Baikonur Cosmodrome155012-Oct-2022FootprintsCharts6 C-band transponders, 24 Ku-band transponders, 1 Ka-band transponder
3424 EactiveSkynet 5B322942007-056BEurostar-3000SParadigm Secure Communications Ltd (EADS Company)Guiana Space Center463514-Nov-2007FootprintsCharts15 active X-Band and UHF transponders providing services for the British Ministry of Defence (MoD)
3525 EactiveAlphasat I-XL (Inmarsat XL, Inmarsat-4AF4)392152013-038AAlphabusInmarsat plcGuiana Space Center665025-Jul-2013FootprintsChartsThe Alphasat mission definition is based around two main service types: BGAN directional (as currently provided by Inmarsat iv) BGAN omni-directional (including handheld services) covering Europe, Middle East, Africa and parts of Asia. Wide spot beams & ~228 narrow spot beams.
3625 EactiveEs'hail 2437002018-090ADS2000Es'hailSatCape Canaveral SFS530015-Nov-2018FootprintsCharts24 Ku-band and 11-Ka-band transponders to provide direct broadcasting services throughout the Middle East and North Africa as well as government communication services. Moreover, Es’hail 2 will provide the world’s first geostationary amateur radio service in S-band/X-band ranges via its AMSAT hosted payload.
3725 EactiveEs'hail 1 (Eutelsat 25B, E25B, Eurobird 2A)392332013-044ALS-1300Eutelsat Communications S.A.Guiana Space Center630029-Aug-2013FootprintsCharts32 Ku-band and 14 Ka-band transponders to provide services to Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia. Satellite owned and to be operated with ictQatar
3826 EactiveBADR 4 (Arabsat 4B)295262006-051A Eurostar-2000+ArabsatBaikonur Cosmodrome32809-Nov-2006FootprintsCharts32 Ku-band transponders
3926 EactiveBADR 6 (Arabsat 4C, Arabsat 4AR)331542008-034BEurostar-2000+ArabsatGuiana Space Center33467-Jul-2008FootprintsCharts24 C-band and 20 Ku-band transponders to provide direct TV broadcasting services to a vast zone stretching from Morocco to the Persian Gulf, and covering a large part of sub-Saharan Africa.
4026 EactiveBADR 5 (Arabsat 5B)365922010-025AEurostar-3000ArabsatBaikonur Cosmodrome54203-Jun-2010FootprintsCharts56 Ku and Ka-band transponders to provide full in-orbit back-up capacity both for Badr-4 and Badr-6 television services, covering a stretched zone encompassing the entire Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, and beyond. Complementary missions will include supporting the expected boom of HD-TV and, thanks to its Ka-band capacity, the development of new sophisticated interactive television services from broadcasters.
4126 EactiveBADR 7 (Arabsat 6B)410292015-065BEurostar-3000ArabsatGuiana Space Center579810-Nov-2015FootprintsCharts24 transponders in Ku-band and Multi-spot beams in Ka-band as well as 3 Ka-band transponders for additional services over a large coverage that includes MENA-East, MENA-South, Africa-North, West Africa and Central Asia.
4226 EactiveBADR 8 (Arabsat 7B)567572023-075AEurostar-NeoArabsatCape Canaveral SFS450027-May-2023FootprintsChartsC- and Ku-band transponders, TELEO optical communications payload demonstrator to provide coverage over Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia
4328 EactiveAstra 2F387782012-051AEurostar-3000SES S.A.Guiana Space Center600028-Sep-2012FootprintsCharts60 Ku-band and 3 Ka-band transponders to deliver next generation broadcast, VSAT and broadband services in Europe and Africa
4428 EactiveAstra 2E392852013-056AEurostar-3000SES S.A.Baikonur Cosmodrome605229-Sep-2013FootprintsCharts60 Ku-band transponders, and 4 Ka-band transponders to deliver next generation broadcast, VSAT and broadband services in Europe and Africa and enhance and secure its existing offering to major Direct-to-Home (DTH) markets in the UK and Ireland.
4528 EactiveAstra 2G403642014-089AEurostar-3000SES S.A.Baikonur Cosmodrome600027-Dec-2014FootprintsChartsASTRA 2G will serve to deliver next generation broadcast, VSAT and broadband services in Europe and Africa, and will carry Ku-and Ka-band payloads at 28.2° East. The Ku-band capacity will allow SES ASTRA to enhance and secure its existing offering to major Direct-to-Home (DTH) markets in the UK and Ireland. With a Ku-band payload specifically designed to meet the requirements of some of Europe’s largest DTH broadcasters, the satellites will have spot beam and pan-European beam switching capabilities to accommodate both pay-TV and free-to-air broadcasters, and to provide these customers with increased functionality. SES ASTRA customers in this region include BSkyB, BBC, ITV, Freesat, Channel Four, UK TV, Virgin Media, Five, MTV and Discovery. The Ka-band payload will allow SES ASTRA to develop next generation broadband services in Europe, including its growing ASTRA2Connect product.
4629 EactiveXTAR-EUR (XTAR-EU)285422005-005ALS-1300XTAR LLCGuiana Space Center364012-Feb-2005FootprintsCharts12 X-band (6 RHCP + 6 LHCP) transponders to provide coverage from Eastern Brazil and the Atlantic Ocean, across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East as far east as Singapore (2 global beams, one fixed and 4 steerable)
4731 EactiveArabsat 6A441862019-021AA2100AArabsatCape Canaveral SFS600011-Apr-2019FootprintsChartsKu-band and Ka-band capacity to provide services to MENA and South Africa in Fixed and steerable beams
4831 EactiveHylas 3 (EDRS-C, Condosat)444752019-049ASmallGEO (Luxor) busAvanti Communications LtdGuiana Space Center31856-Aug-2019FootprintsChartsEDRS payload, Ka-band (up to 4GHz) payload. The satellite will be positioned in one of Avanti’s orbital locations with an earth view covering Africa and the Middle East.
4931 EactiveTurksat 5A473062021-001AEurostar-3000EORTurksatCape Canaveral SFS35008-Jan-2020FootprintsCharts42 Ku-band transponders covering Turkey, the Middle East, Europe and large parts of Africa
5031 EactiveArabsat 5A367452010-032BEurostar-3000ArabsatGuiana Space Center494026-Jun-2010FootprintsCharts16 active C-band transponders, 24 active Ku-band transponders to provide the large range of satellite communications services such as television backhauling and broadcasting, telephony, business communications, Internet trunking and the provision of VSAT and other interactive services, over sub-Saharan Africa, North-Africa and the Middle East. Planned to be launched in pair with COMS 1.
5131 EactiveHylas 2387412012-043BGEOStar-2Avanti Communications LtdGuiana Space Center33112-Aug-2012FootprintsCharts24 active Ka-band user beams and six gateway beams to provide two-way communications services for high-speed delivery of data to Northern and Southern Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Also equipped with a steerable spot beam which can provide coverage anywhere on Earth that is visible to the satellite.
5233 EactiveGalaxy 14 (G-14)287902005-030AGEOStar-2IntelsatBaikonur Cosmodrome208713-Aug-2005FootprintsCharts24 C-band transponders covering North America and Caribbean.
5333 EactiveEutelsat 33E (E33E, Eutelsat Hot bird 13D, Eutelsat 3C, E3C, Hot Bird 10, Hotbird 10, HB-10, AB-4A, Atlantic Bird 4A)337502009-008BEurostar-3000Eutelsat Communications S.A.Guiana Space Center489212-Feb-2009FootprintsCharts64 active Ku-band transponders covering Europe, North Africa, Middle East.
5433 EactiveIntelsat 28 (Intelsat New Dawn)373922011-016AGEOStar-2IntelsatGuiana Space Center300022-Apr-2011FootprintsCharts28 C-band (failed) and 24 Ku-band 36 MHz transponder units to deliver wireless backhaul, broadband and television programming to part of Europe, Middle East, Africa and Sub-Saharan regions. Shortly after the launch Intelsat determined that the satellite’s C-band antenna reflector had not successfully deployed most likely due to a malfunction of the reflector sun shield. As a result, the sun shield interfered with the ejection release mechanism and thus prevented the deployment of the C-band antenna.
5536 EactiveEutelsat 36B (E36B, W7, Eutelsat W7)361012009-065ASpacebus-4000C4Eutelsat Communications S.A.Baikonur Cosmodrome562724-Nov-2009FootprintsCharts70 Ku-band transponders to provide digital video and telecommunications services over Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia and South Africa
5636 EactiveExpress AMU1 (Eutelsat 36C)411912015-082AEurostar-3000Russian Satellite Communications CompanyBaikonur Cosmodrome590024-Dec-2015FootprintsCharts61 Ku-band and 10 Ka-band transponders to provide services to European part of Russia as well as Sub-Saharan Africa. Shared capacity with Eutelsat.
5738 EactivePaksat-1R377792011-042ADFH-4 BusPakistan Ministry of Information Technology and TelecommunicationsXichang Satellite Launch Center511511-Aug-2011FootprintsCharts18 Ku-band and 12 C-band transponders to provide services to Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Iran, parts of Middle East, parts of Africa and Europe
5838 EactiveAthena Fidus395092014-006BSpacebus-4000B2Telespazio/CNESGuiana Space Center30806-Feb-2014FootprintsChartsAthena-Fidus is a French-Italian telecommunication satellite providing high-throughput secure communications to both nation's armed forces and their emergency services. The satellite provides an encrypted, 3 Gbit/s throughput, using mostly Ka-band links. It carries 14 antennas including 7 mobile spot antennas, enabling positioning of steerable 1750-km diameter spot beams over operational theaters requiring a high bandwidth. France owns 5 beams and Italy 2. The system will enable communication with deployable ground stations and with drones
5939 EactiveHellasSat 3 (HS 3, Inmarsat-S EAN, Europasat)428142017-040ASpacebus-4000C3Hellas-Sat (Arabsat subsidiary)Guiana Space Center578028-Jul-2017FootprintsCharts44 Ku-band transponders payload to replace the existing HellasSat-2 satellite and provide more growth capacities to its customers with diversified footprints in Europe, Middle East and Africa. The satellite has a second payload managed by Inmarsat (9 S-Band user spot beams in 2 polarizations, using a large Tx antenna of 12 meters diameter) to provide the satellite element of the integrated European Aviation Network (EAN), set to transform connectivity for airline passengers in Europe
6039 EactiveHellasSat 4 (HS 4, SaudiGeoSat 1)440342019-007AA2100AHellas-Sat (Arabsat subsidiary)Guiana Space Center64955-Feb-2019FootprintsChartsHellas Sat 4 will be launched in H2 2018 to provide in-orbit backup, redundancy services for Hellas Sat 3 and further expansion over Europe and Southern Africa, through Ku capacity
6140 EactiveExpress AM7 (Ekspress-AM7, Экспресс АМ7)405052015-012AEurostar-3000Russian Satellite Communications CompanyBaikonur Cosmodrome572019-Mar-2015FootprintsCharts36 Ku-band, 24 C-band and 2 L-band transponders to provide TV & Radio broadcasting, broadband access, Internet access, multimedia, data, telephony and mobile communications
6242 EactiveTurksat 4A395222014-007ADS2000TurksatBaikonur Cosmodrome491015-Feb-2014FootprintsCharts24 Ku-band and 2 Ka-band transponders
6342 EactiveTurksat 5B502122021-126AEurostar-3000EORTurksatCape Canaveral SFS450019-Dec-2021FootprintsChartsKu and Ka-band high-throughput (HTS) payloads (73 spot beams) offering satellite broadband speeds of up to 50 Gbp
6442 EactiveTurksat 3A (Türksat 3A)330562008-030BSpacebus-4000B2TurksatGuiana Space Center307012-Jun-2008FootprintsCharts24 Ku-band transponders to provide telecommunication services as well as direct TV broadcast services through Europe, Turkey and Central Asia
6542 EactiveNigcomsat 1R380142011-077ADFH-4 BusNASRDAXichang Satellite Launch Center515019-Dec-2011FootprintsCharts4 C, 14 Ku, 8 Ka and 2 L-band transponders to provide the most optimal and cost effective voice, data, video, internet and application service/solutions
6644 EactiveThuraya 2278252003-026ABSS-702Thuraya Telecommunications Co.Sea Launch (Odyssey platform)525010-Jun-2003FootprintsCharts128 active L-band elements, 17-w SSPAs C-band 2 active + 2 spare to provide a GSM-compatible mobile telephone services to multiple regions
6745 EactiveAzerspace 2 (Intelsat 38)436322018-074ALS-1300AzerCosmos OJS CoGuiana Space Center350025-Sep-2018FootprintsCharts35 Ku-band transponders to provide service in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East
6846 EactiveAzerspace (Africasat 1A)390792013-006BGEOStar-2AzerCosmos OJS CoGuiana Space Center32757-Feb-2013FootprintsCharts24 C-band and 12 Ku-band transponders to provide services to Azerbaijan, Central Asia, Europe and Africa.
6948 EactiveAl Yah 2 (Yahsat 1B, Y1B)382452012-016AEurostar-3000Al Yah Satellite Communications Company PrJSC (Yahsat) Baikonur Cosmodrome605023-Apr-2012FootprintsCharts46 Ka-band transponders, 60 spot beams to provide services to government and commercial customers in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and South West Asia
7048 EactiveEutelsat Quantum490562021-069BGMP-TEutelsat Communications S.A.Guiana Space Center346130-Jul-2021FootprintsChartsThe new spacecraft design will represent a first in the commercial satellite industry, by enabling the complete electronic synthesis of “receive” and “transmit” coverages in the Ku-band. It will give Eutelsat’s customers access to premium capacity through footprint shaping and steering, power and frequency band pairing, and the ability to define their own performance and flexibility requirements. Flexible 8 “QUANTUM” beams
7148 EactiveGSAT 19 (GSAT-19E)427472017-031AI-6K (modular) BusIndian National Satellite (INSAT)Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikotta (SHAR)31365-Jun-2017FootprintsChartsKa and Ku band payload along with a Geostationary Radiation Spectrometer (GRASP) payload to monitor and study the nature of the charged particles and influence of space radiation on spacecraft and electronic components
7248 EactiveGSAT 31440352019-007BI-2K (I-2000) BusNewSpace India Ltd (NSIL)Guiana Space Center25365-Feb-2019FootprintsCharts19 Ku-band transponders to provide services to Indian mainland and island. Replacement for Insat 4CR.
7349 EactiveYamal 601 (Ямал-601)443072019-031ASpacebus-4000C4Gazprom Space SystemsBaikonur Cosmodrome542230-May-2019FootprintsCharts38 C-band transponders servicing fixed Russian/CIS beam with a contour diagram and a semi-global service area that will cover the visible part of the territory of Russia, the CIS countries, Europe, the Middle East and part of Southeast Asia and 32 Ka-band transponders to provide economical high-speed broadband services to the corporate sector, regional administrations, small businesses and individuals for the European part of Russia, including the Kaliningrad region, the Urals, Western Siberia
7450 EactiveTurksat 4B409842015-060ADS2000TurksatBaikonur Cosmodrome497716-Oct-2015FootprintsCharts18 Ku-band and 8 Ka-band transponders to provide telecommunication and direct TV broadcasting services over a wide geographic region between west of China and east of England spanning Turkey, as well as Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa
7551 EactiveBELINTERSAT-1412382016-001ADFH-4 BusBelintersatXichang Satellite Launch Center522315-Jan-2016FootprintsCharts20 C-band and 18 Ku-band transponders to provide a wide range of telecommunicational services
7652 EactiveTurkmenAlem (TurkmenÄlem 520E, Turkmenspace 1, Turkmensat-1, MonacoSat)406172015-023ASpacebus-4000C2Turkmen Hemrasy/SSI MonacoCape Canaveral SFS473128-Apr-2015FootprintsCharts38 active Ku-band transponders shared over 3 beams. Turkmenistan Minister of Communications owns 26 TPs and the rest 12 TPs with Middle East/North Africa coverage are fully leased to SES.
7752 EactiveHylas 1 (HylasOne, Hylas One)372372010-065AI-2K (I-2000) BusAvanti Communications LtdGuiana Space Center257026-Nov-2010FootprintsCharts8 Ka-band and 2 Ku-band transponders to provide broadband Internet access and to distribute and broadcast High Definition Television (HDTV) and cover 22 countries in Western and Central Europe.
7853 EactiveExpress AM6 (Ekspress AM6, EAM6, Eutelsat 53A, E53A)402772014-064AExpress-2000Russian Satellite Communications CompanyBaikonur Cosmodrome340021-Oct-2014FootprintsCharts30 C-band, 40 Ku-band, 12 Ka-band, 2 L-band transponders. The satellite experienced technical issue in March 2020 and therefore Ka-band capacity was switched off as of March 25th 2020.
7953 EactiveAl Yah 1 (Yahlive, Y1A, Yahsat Y1A, Yahsat 1A)373932011-016BEurostar-3000Al Yah Satellite Communications Company PrJSC (Yahsat) Guiana Space Center593522-Apr-2011FootprintsCharts14 active C-band transponders, 20 Ku-band transponders, 21 Ka-band transponders to provide DTH coverage in The Middle East, Africa, Europe and South West Asia.
8053 EactiveSkynet 5D390342012-075AEurostar-3000SParadigm Secure Communications Ltd (EADS Company)Guiana Space Center480019-Dec-2012FootprintsCharts8 x 20 MHz, 3 x 22 MHz, 4 x 40 MHz X-band transponders and up to 9 x 5 or 25 kHz UHF channels providing services for the British Ministry of Defence (MoD)
8155 EactiveGSAT 16403322014-078AI-3K (I-3000) BusNewSpace India Ltd (NSIL)Guiana Space Center31826-Dec-2014FootprintsCharts24 normal C, 12 extended C and 12 Ku-band transponders + Ku-band beacon
8255 EactiveGSAT 29436982018-089AI-3K (I-3000) BusIndian National Satellite (INSAT)Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikotta (SHAR)342314-Nov-2018FootprintsCharts4 user spot Ka-band beams and 4 user spot Ku-band beams to provide Village Resource Centres (VRC) in rural areas to bridge the digital divide of users including those in Jammu & Kashmir and North Eastern regions of India. It also features Q/V band payload, optical communication payload and GEO High Resolution Camera (GHRC) camera with telescope
8355 EactiveGSAT 8 (Insat 4G)376052011-022AI-3K (I-3000) BusNewSpace India Ltd (NSIL)Guiana Space Center309319-May-2011FootprintsCharts18 Ku-band transponders and GAGAN payload
8455 EactiveYamal 402 (Yamal 400 KA-2, Ямал-402)390222012-070ASpacebus-4000C3Gazprom Space SystemsBaikonur Cosmodrome44638-Dec-2012FootprintsCharts46 Ku-band transponders. Due to partial launch failure the satellite was released at lower orbit than expected and the apogee motor fuel was used to boost it to the right orbit. Therefore the expected lifetime is reduced to 11 years.
8556 EactiveExpress AT1396122014-010AExpress-1000Russian Satellite Communications CompanyBaikonur Cosmodrome172616-Mar-2014FootprintsCharts32 Ku-band transponders to cover Russia
8656 EactiveInmarsat GX4 (Inmarsat 5F4, I5F4, GX4)426982017-025ABSS-702HPInmarsat plcCape Canaveral SFS608615-May-2017FootprintsCharts89 Ka-band beams generated by two transmit and two receive apertures to provide high-speed broadband mobile satellite communication services up to 50Mbps to Pacific Ocean Region. 6 Steerable spot beams to direct additional capacity where it is needed.
8757 EactiveAstra 2A254621998-050ABSS-601HPSES S.A.Baikonur Cosmodrome363530-Aug-1998FootprintsCharts32 Ku-band (for first five years, 28 after) transponders to provide voice and video communications to Europe.
8857 EactiveNSS 12360322009-058ALS-1300SES S.A.Guiana Space Center562229-Oct-2009FootprintsCharts40 C-band and 48 Ku-band active high-power transponders to enable communications services for telecommunications providers, broadcasters, corporations, and governments in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, India and other parts of Asia.
8958 EactiveKazsat 3397282014-023BExpress-1000JSC KazSatBaikonur Cosmodrome180028-Apr-2014FootprintsCharts28 Ku-band transponders
9060 EactiveIntelsat 33e417482016-053BBSS-702MPIntelsatGuiana Space Center610024-Aug-2016FootprintsChartsHigh throughput C and Ku-band payload for Intelsat's Epic system. Ka-band Global beam
9161 EactiveABS-4 (ABS 2i, Mobisat-1, MBSAT 1)281842004-007A LS-1300ABSCape Canaveral SFS414313-Mar-2004FootprintsCharts16 S-band and 1 Ku-band transponder to provide S-DMB services to cellular phones and other portable devices in Japan and South Korea. Due to financial issues the broadcasting operations were stopped on March 31, 2009. Relocated to 63.5E position and re-branded as ABS 4/2i.
9262 EactiveIntelsat 39 (IS-39)444762019-049BLS-1300IntelsatGuiana Space Center66006-Aug-2019FootprintsChartsC-band and Ku-band capacity to provide broadband and video distribution services across Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. The satellite will also enhance mobile connectivity for aero, maritime and government users operating in the Indian Ocean region. replacing Intelsat 902
9363 EactiveInmarsat GX1 (Inmarsat 5F1, I5-IOR, GX1)394762013-073ABSS-702HPInmarsat plcBaikonur Cosmodrome60708-Dec-2013FootprintsCharts89 Ka-band beams generated by two transmit and two receive apertures to provide high-speed broadband mobile satellite communication services up to 50Mbps to Indian Ocean Region. 6 Steerable spot beams to direct additional capacity where it is needed. First satellite of Global Xpress network.
9464 EactiveIntelsat 906 (IS-906)275132002-041ALS-1300IntelsatGuiana Space Center47236-Sep-2002FootprintsCharts44 C-band and 12 Ku-band transponders, broadcasting, business services, direct-to-home TV broadcasting, telecommunications, VSAT networks.
9565 EactiveAmos 4392372013-045AAmos BusSpacecom Satellite CommunicationsBaikonur Cosmodrome420031-Aug-2013FootprintsCharts8 Ku-band and 4 Ka-band transponders to provide the services to Asia, Russia, Middle East and Europe.
9666 EactiveIntelsat 17 (IS-17)372382010-065BLS-1300IntelsatGuiana Space Center554026-Nov-2010FootprintsCharts25 Ku-band and 24 C-band transponders to serve customers in Europe, Northern Africa and India, as well the Middle East
9769 EactiveIntelsat 20 (IS-20)387402012-043ALS-1300IntelsatGuiana Space Center60942-Aug-2012FootprintsCharts28 C-band, 50 Ku-band and one Ka-band transponders to provide a wide range of telecommunications, video, voice and data transmission services to Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe. Replacing Intelsat 7 and Intelsat 10 at 68.5 East orbital position.
9869 EactiveIntelsat 36417472016-053ALS-1300IntelsatGuiana Space Center340024-Aug-2016FootprintsCharts12 C-band and 42 Ku-band transponders to provide direct-broadcast television services to a broad swath of Africa, with African satellite-television provider MultiChoice using the Ku-band payload under a contract agreement with Intelsat
9970 EactiveEutelsat 70B (E70B, W5A, Eutelsat W5A)390202012-069AEurostar-3000Eutelsat Communications S.A.Sea Launch (Odyssey platform)52503-Dec-2012FootprintsCharts48 Ku-band transponders to provide Voice/data networks, Broadband applications, Governmental services and Professional Video services to Europe, Middle-East, Central Asia, Far East/Australia and Central Africa
10072 EactiveIntelsat 22 (IS-22)380982012-011ABSS-702MPIntelsatBaikonur Cosmodrome624925-Mar-2012FootprintsCharts24 C-band transponders, 18 Ku-band transponders transponders for commercial use, as well as 18 Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) transponders to provide service to the Australian Defense Force
10174 EactiveGSAT 7 (Insat 4F, Rukmini)392342013-044BI-2K (I-2000) BusIndian National Satellite (INSAT)Guiana Space Center265029-Aug-2013FootprintsChartsUHF, C-band and Ku-band transponders to cover India's landmass
10274 EactiveGSAT 11438242018-100BI-6K (modular) BusIndian National Satellite (INSAT)Guiana Space Center58554-Dec-2018FootprintsChartsMulti beam HTS operating in Ka and Ku-bands with 32 user beams in Ku-band and 8 gateway beams in Ka-band. The payload includes 32 Ka x Ku-band forward link transponders and 8 Ku x Ka band return link transponders that will generate a capacity of more than 12 Gbps for users from a single platform. 16 Ku-band beams covering Indian mainland & Islands in both polarizations and 2 Ka-band beams over New Delhi & Bangaluru.
10374 EactiveGSAT 14394982014-001AI-2K (I-2000) BusNewSpace India Ltd (NSIL)Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikotta (SHAR)19825-Jan-2014FootprintsCharts6 Extended C-Band transponders, 6 Ku-band transponders and 2 Ka-band beacons
10474 EactiveGSAT 18417932016-060AI-3K (I-3000) BusNewSpace India Ltd (NSIL)Guiana Space Center34045-Oct-2016FootprintsCharts24 C-band transponders, 12 upper extended C-band transponders, 12 Ku-band transponders and 2 Ku-Beacon transmitters
10575 EactiveABS-2A (Mongolsat-1)415882016-038ABSS-702SPABSCape Canaveral SFS180014-Jun-2016FootprintsChartsMulti-beam 48 transponder Ku-band satellite covering the growing markets of Northern Asia, India, Middle East, Africa, South East Asia and the Indian Ocean region
10675 EactiveABS-2 (ST 3, Koreasat 8, Condosat 2)395082014-006ALS-1300ABSGuiana Space Center63306-Feb-2014FootprintsCharts51 Ku, 6 Ka and 32C band transponders to provide a wide range of services for Asia, Russia, Africa, and the Middle East, including DTH, cable TV distribution, multimedia applications, as well as data networks and telecommunications services.
10776 EactiveAPSTAR 7381072012-013ASpacebus-4000C2APT Satellite Holdings Ltd.Xichang Satellite Launch Center505431-Mar-2012FootprintsCharts28 C-band and 28 Ku-band active transponders to provide reliable broadcasting and telecommunications services over the Asia Pacific Region, Africa, Middle East and a part of Europe
10879 EactiveThaicom 6 (Africom 1)395002014-002AGEOStar-2Thaicom Plc.Cape Canaveral SFS30166-Jan-2014FootprintsCharts18 C-band and 8 Ku-band transponders to serve the growing satellite television market in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Southeast Asia and Africa.
10979 EactiveThaicom 8415522016-031AGEOStar-2Thaicom Plc.Cape Canaveral SFS310027-May-2016FootprintsCharts24 active Ku-band transponders providing services to Thailand, India and Africa.
11080 EactiveExpress 80459862020-053BExpress-1000Russian Satellite Communications CompanyBaikonur Cosmodrome194731-Jul-2020FootprintsCharts16 C-band and 20 Ku-band transponders to provide provide fixed and mobile communications, digital television and radio broadcasting, high-speed Internet access and data transmission services across Russia, as well as two L-band transponders offering global coverage. Thales Alenia Space will supply the communications payload
11183 EactiveGSAT 30450262020-005AI-3K (I-3000) BusIndian National Satellite (INSAT)Guiana Space Center335716-Jan-2020FootprintsChartsC and Ku-band transponders to provide high-quality television, telecommunications and broadcasting services.
11283 EactiveGSat 12R (CMS 01)472562020-099AI-1K (I-1000)Indian National Satellite (INSAT)Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikotta (SHAR)142517-Dec-2020FootprintsCharts12 Extended C-band transponders to provide tele-education, tele-medicine, disaster management support and Satellite Internet access
11383 EactiveGSAT 24 (CMS 02)529032022-067AI-3K (I-3000) BusIndian National Satellite (INSAT)Guiana Space Center418122-Jun-2022FootprintsCharts24 Ku-band 36Mhz BSS transponders, 1 Ku-band 225Mhz FSS transponder, 2 Ku-band beacons. The entire satellite capacity is leased to M/s Tata Play for a period of 15 years
11483 EactiveGSAT 10387792012-051BI-3K (I-3000) BusNewSpace India Ltd (NSIL)Guiana Space Center340028-Sep-2012FootprintsCharts18 C-band transponders, 12 Ku-band transponders and GPS aided Geo Augmented Navigation (GAGAN) payload. India land mass and wide coverage.
11583 EactiveGSAT 6 (Insat 4E)408802015-041AI-2K (I-2000) BusIndian National Satellite (INSAT)Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikotta (SHAR)211727-Aug-2015FootprintsCharts5 CxS transponders and 5 SxC transponders to provide entertainment and information services to vehicles through Digital Multimedia consoles and to the Multimedia mobile Phones.
11684 EactiveInmarsat-6 F1 (Inmarsat GX 6A, I6-F1, GX6A)503192021-128AEurostar-3000EORInmarsat plcTanegashima Space Center547021-Dec-2021FootprintsChartsHybrid L-band and Ka-band payloads. 20 Ka-band spot beams that can be directed to deliver additional capacity in key demand and growth areas. The L-band beams are widely reconfigurable with up to 199 individual small beams over the Earth’s surface, a fewer number of larger beams, and a global beam. It will provide coverage over the Indian Ocean and will be supported by two ground network stations in Western Australia.
11785 EactiveIntelsat 15 (IS-15, JCSat 85)361062009-067AGEOStar-2IntelsatBaikonur Cosmodrome248430-Nov-2009FootprintsCharts22 active Ku-band transponders to provide Video and Data Services for Middle East, Indian Ocean Regions and Russia. SKY Perfect JSAT owns 5 of 22 Ku-band transponders on Intelsat 15 satellite under the name JCSAT-85 and offers capacity serving Asia, the Indian Ocean Region and the Middle East.
11886 EactiveKazsat 2377492011-035BYakhtaJSC KazSatBaikonur Cosmodrome127215-Jul-2011FootprintsCharts16 (+4) Ku-band transponders to provide voice and video communications throughout Kazakhstan, Central Asia, the Caucasus, and parts of Russia
11988 EactiveST 2376062011-022BDS2000Singapore Telecommunications Ltd. (SingTel)/Chunghwa Telecom Co. Ltd.Guiana Space Center509020-May-2011FootprintsCharts41 Ku-band and 10 C-band transponders to provide services to Central Asia, South-East Asia, India sub-continent Middle East and Mediterranean Sea
12088 EactiveChinasat 12 (ZX-15A, Chinasat 15A, ZX-12, Apstar 7B, SupremeSat 1)390172012-067ASpacebus-4000C2China Satellite Communications Co. Ltd.(China Satcom)Xichang Satellite Launch Center505427-Nov-2012FootprintsCharts24 C-band and 23 Ku-band transponders to provide commercial communication services to Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia and the Asia-Pacific region
12190 EactiveYamal 401 (Yamal 400 KA-1, Ямал-401)403452014-082AExpress-2000Gazprom Space SystemsBaikonur Cosmodrome327016-Dec-2014FootprintsCharts36 Ku-band and 17 C-band transponders providing for the coverage zone over the whole Russian and CIS territory
12291 EactiveMeasat 3A (Measat 1R)353622009-032AGEOStar-2MEASAT Satellite Systems Sdn. Bhd.Baikonur Cosmodrome236521-Jun-2009FootprintsCharts12 Ku-band and 12 C-band transponders to provide C-band communications services throughout Asia, the Middle East and Africa, and Ku-band direct-to-home television broadcasting to Malaysia and Indonesia.
12391 EactiveMeasat 3B (Jabiru 2)401472014-054BEurostar-3000MEASAT Satellite Systems Sdn. Bhd.Guiana Space Center589711-Sep-2014FootprintsCharts48 Ku-band transponders to expand the SatCom capacity over Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Australia
12491 EactiveMeasat 3D529042022-067BEurostar-3000MEASAT Satellite Systems Sdn. Bhd.Guiana Space Center564822-Jun-2022FootprintsChartsC- and Ku-band transponders, Ka band HTS payload and L-band hosted payload for KTSAT.
12592 EactiveChinaSat 9 (Zhongxing-9, ZX-9, 中星9)330512008-028ASpacebus-4000C2China Satellite Communications Co. Ltd.(China Satcom)Xichang Satellite Launch Center45009-Jun-2008FootprintsCharts22 active Ku-band transponders for broadcast satellite services (BSS) to provide communications services across China (including Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan)
12693 EactiveGSAT 15410282015-065AI-3K (I-3000) BusNewSpace India Ltd (NSIL)Guiana Space Center316410-Nov-2015FootprintsCharts24 ku band transponders and 2 GAGAN navigational payloads and will also carry 2 Ku-Band beacons
12793 EactiveJCSat 16417292016-050ALS-1300SKY Perfect JSAT CorporationCape Canaveral SFS460014-Aug-2016FootprintsChartsIn-orbit backup satellite to the existing services in the Ku- and Ka-band for the Japanese market, enabling the provision of more stable satellite services.
12893 EactiveGSAT 17428152017-040BI-3K (I-3000) BusNewSpace India Ltd (NSIL)Guiana Space Center347728-Jul-2017FootprintsCharts24 C-band, 14 Extended C-band, 4 MSS transponders plus one DRT and SAS&R transponder. The satellite will provide Communication, Data Relay, Search and Rescue services for the wide coverage including India, Middle East and South East Asia regions.
12995 EactiveSES 8394602013-071AGEOStar-2SES S.A.Cape Canaveral SFS31383-Dec-2013FootprintsCharts24 active Ku-band transponders of 36 or 54 Mhz capacity switchable amongst 33 channels and 2 beams to provide communication services to South Asia and Indo-China regions. Certain channels in each beam are cross-strapped to multiple frequency bands, enabling flexibility for new services. In the addition, the spacecraft features a Ka-band payload
13095 EactiveLuch 5V (Loutch-5V, Луч-5В)397272014-023AExpress-1000ARoscosmos (Russian Federal Space Agency)Baikonur Cosmodrome114828-Apr-2014FootprintsCharts 
13195 EactiveSkynet 5A307942007-007BEurostar-3000SParadigm Secure Communications Ltd (EADS Company)Guiana Space Center470011-Mar-2007FootprintsCharts15 active X-Band and UHF transponders providing services for the British Ministry of Defence (MoD)
13295 EactiveSES 12434882018-049AEurostar-3000EORSES S.A.Cape Canaveral SFS53004-Jun-2018FootprintsCharts54 Ku-band transponders to provide television broadcasting and telecom infrastructure services from one end of Asia to the other, with beams adapted to six areas of coverage. It will also have a flexible multi-beam processed payload for providing broadband services covering a large expanse from Africa to Russia, Japan and Australia. Replacing NSS-6 satellite
13396 EactiveExpress 103459852020-053AExpress-1000Russian Satellite Communications CompanyBaikonur Cosmodrome228031-Jul-2020FootprintsCharts16 C-band and 20 Ku-band transponders to provide fixed and mobile communications, digital television and radio broadcasting, high-speed Internet access and data transmission services across Russia and Southeast Asia as well as one L-band transponder for global coverage. Thales Alenia Space will supply the communications payload
13497 EactiveGSAT 9 (South Asia Satellite)426952017-024AI-2K (I-2000) BusIndian National Satellite (INSAT)Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikotta (SHAR)21955-May-2017FootprintsCharts12 Ku band transponders with India coverage beam.
13598 EactiveChinasat 11391572013-020ADFH-4 BusChina Satellite Communications Co. Ltd.(China Satcom)Xichang Satellite Launch Center51001-May-2013FootprintsCharts19 Ku-band and 26 C-band transponders to provide commercial communications to China, East Asia, China Sea, South Asia, Indian Ocean, the Middle East, Africa and Australia.
13698 EactiveThuraya 3324042008-001ABSS-702Thuraya Telecommunications Co.Sea Launch (Odyssey platform)525015-Jan-2008FootprintsCharts128 active L-band elements, 17-w SSPAs C-band 2 active + 2 spare to provide a GSM-compatible mobile telephone services to multiple regions
137101 EactiveAsiaSat 5356962009-042ALS-1300SXAsia Satellite Telecommunications Co. Ltd.Baikonur Cosmodrome376031-Jul-2009FootprintsCharts26 C-band, 14 Ku-band transponders to provide improved power and coverage to AsiaSat's customers across the Asia Pacific region.
138101 EactiveChinaSat 9B (Zhongxing 9B, ZX 9B)491252021-080ADFH-4E BusChina Satellite Communications Co. Ltd.(China Satcom)Xichang Satellite Launch Center55009-Sep-2021FootprintsChartsSatellite for live broadcast services, support 4K and 8K high-definition video program transmission using a specially designed 54 MHz bandwidth transponder, and provide high-quality live broadcast transmission services for large-scale events.
139103 EactiveExpress AMU3500022021-123BExpress-1000Russian Satellite Communications CompanyBaikonur Cosmodrome215013-Dec-2021FootprintsCharts20 C-band transponders, 16 Ku-band transponders, 1 L-band transponder
140105 EactiveAsiasat 7 (AsiaSat 5C)379332011-069ALS-1300Asia Satellite Telecommunications Co. Ltd.Baikonur Cosmodrome376025-Nov-2011FootprintsCharts28 C-band and 17 Ku-band transponders and a Ka-band payload. Its region-wide high power C-band beam covers Asia, the Middle East, Australasia and Central Asia, with Ku-band beams serving East Asia, South Asia and a steerable Ku beam.
141105 EactiveAsiastar 1 (Asiastar)261072000-016AEurostar-2000+CMMB Vision Holdings LimitedGuiana Space Center277521-Mar-2000FootprintsCharts3 L-band transponders to provide digital audio and multi-media communications to Africa, Middle East, Asia, Latin America and Caribbean
142108 EactiveSES 7 (Protostar 2, Indostar 2, Galaxy 8iR, Cakrawarta 2, Protostar II)349412009-027AHS-601HPSES S.A.Baikonur Cosmodrome390516-May-2009FootprintsCharts22(+5 spare) Ku-band, 10(+3 spare) S(X)-band transponders to provide robust DTH and other telecommunications services including broadband Internet throughout the Asia-Pacific region
143108 EactiveSES 9413802016-013ABSS-702HPSES S.A.Cape Canaveral SFS527128-Feb-2016FootprintsCharts81 (36 MHz equivalent) Ku-band transponders to provide Direct-to-Home (DTH) broadcasting and other communications services in Northeast Asia, South Asia and Indonesia, as well as maritime communications for vessels in the Indian Ocean
144108 EactiveTelkom 4 (Merah Putih)435872018-064ALS-1300PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia TbkCape Canaveral SFS58007-Aug-2018FootprintsCharts60 C-Band Transponders to support a broad range of applications and technology advances. 24 standard and 12 extended C-band transponders for domestic use while the remaining 24 transponders will be leased and marketed for India
145110 EactiveChinasat 16 (Zhongxing 16, ZX-16, Shijian 13, SJ-13, 实践十三)426622017-018ADFH-4 BusChina Satellite Communications Co. Ltd.(China Satcom)Xichang Satellite Launch Center520012-Apr-2017FootprintsCharts26 Ka-band HTS user beams to provide satellite broadband and multimedia services covering China and offshore areas and will service for distance learning, medicine, internet access, airborne and maritime communications and emergency communications
146110 EactiveBSat 3A320192007-036B A2100ABroadcasting Satellite System Corp.Guiana Space Center196714-Aug-2007FootprintsCharts12 Ku-band transponders to provide direct broadcast services throughout Japan
147110 EactiveJCSat 110A (JCSat 15)419032016-082ALS-1300SKY Perfect JSAT CorporationGuiana Space Center340020-Dec-2016FootprintsChartsKu-band satellite to provide television broadcasts for pay-television service. The satellite will serve as a successor to the N-SAT-110 satellite
148110 EactiveBsat 4A429512017-059BLS-1300Broadcasting Satellite System Corp.Guiana Space Center352029-Sep-2017FootprintsCharts24 Ku-band transponders to provide DTH television services - advanced television services such as HD and 4K/8K ultra HD
149110 EactiveBsat 4B461122020-056ALS-1300Broadcasting Satellite System Corp.Guiana Space Center353015-Aug-2020FootprintsCharts24 Ku-band transponders as well as C-band payload. Will be similar to and co-located with BSAT-4a at 110 degrees East Longitude and function as a back-up that will secure highly-reliable services
150110 EactiveBSat 3B372072010-056BA2100ABroadcasting Satellite System Corp.Guiana Space Center206028-Oct-2010FootprintsCharts12 Ku-band transponders to provide direct broadcast services throughout Japan
151110 EactiveChinaSat 10 (Zhongxing-10, ZX 10, Sinosat 5, Xinnuo 5, 中星10号, SupremeSat)376772011-026ADFH-4 BusChina Satellite Communications Co. Ltd.(China Satcom)Xichang Satellite Launch Center510020-Jun-2011FootprintsCharts30 C-band and 16 Ku-band transponders to provide broadcasting, business services, direct-to-home TV broadcasting, telecommunications and VSAT networks to Asia Pacific region.
152110 EactiveBSat 3C (JCSat 110R)377762011-041BA2100ABroadcasting Satellite System Corp.Guiana Space Center29106-Aug-2011 - 6-Aug-2011FootprintsCharts24 active Ku-band transponders to provide direct TV broadcast links for all of Japan.
153113 EactiveKoreasat 5 (Mugungwha 5)293492006-034ASpacebus-4000C1KT SATSea Launch (Odyssey platform)446522-Aug-2006FootprintsCharts24 Ku-band active transponders, 8 SHF-band active transponders, 4 Ka-band active transponders
154113 EactiveKoreasat 5A (Mugungwha 5A, Hayasat)429842017-067ASpacebus-4000B2KT SATCape Canaveral SFS370030-Oct-2017FootprintsCharts20 Ku-band transponders (54 MHz each), 12 Ku-band transponders (36 MHz each), and 4 extended Ku-band (54 MHz each) steerable transponders to DTH broadcasting and other communications services in Korea, Japan, Philippines, Guam, Indochina, and South Asia
155115 EactiveChinasat 6E (ZX 6E)582532023-172ADFH-4E BusChina Satellite Communications Co. Ltd.(China Satcom)Xichang Satellite Launch Center 9-Nov-2023FootprintsChartsThe satellite is designed with C , Ku and other multi-band broadcast communication loads, which can provide radio and television transmission services and high-throughput + digital business commercial services. Among them, radio and television resources mainly cover China, Southeast Asia, Australia and other Asia, Oceania and other regions, and communication resources mainly cover China's land and territorial waters, five Central Asian countries, two South Asian countries and surrounding waters.
156116 EactiveKoreasat 7 (Mugungwha 7)426912017-023ASpacebus-4000B2KT SATGuiana Space Center36804-May-2017FootprintsCharts24x54MHz, 6x27MHz(BSS) Ku-band and 3x255MHz Ka-band transponders to provide improved throughput and wider coverage over Korea, Philippines, Indochina, India, and Indonesia with the added steerable Ka-band capacity that can support further demand
157116 EactiveChinaSat 6B (ZHONGXING 6B, 中星6B)318002007-031ASpacebus-4000C2China Satellite Communications Co. Ltd.(China Satcom)Xichang Satellite Launch Center46006-Jul-2007FootprintsCharts38 C-band transponders to provide voice and video services to Asia-Pacific and Oceania
158116 EactiveKoreasat 6 (Olleh 1)372652010-070BGEOStar-2KT SATGuiana Space Center285029-Dec-2010FootprintsCharts30 active Ku-Band transponders to provide broadcasting and telecommunications services over Korea
159118 EactiveTelkom 3S419442017-007ASpacebus-4000B2PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia TbkGuiana Space Center355014-Feb-2017FootprintsCharts24 standard C-band, 8 extended C-Band and 10 Ku-band transponders
160119 EactiveBangabandhu-1 (BD-1, BS-1)434632018-044ASpacebus-4000B2Bangladesh Communication Satellite Company Limited (BCSCL)Cape Canaveral SFS360011-May-2018FootprintsCharts14 C-band and 26 Ku-band transponders to provide provide Ku-band coverage for Bangladesh and its territorial waters in the Bay of Bengal, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and Indonesia as well as C-band capacity for the entire region
161119 EactiveThaicom 4 (Ipstar 1, Measat 5)287862005-028A LS-1300SXThaicom Plc.Guiana Space Center650511-Aug-2005FootprintsCharts84 Ku-band spot beams, 3 shaped beams, 7 broadcast beams and 18 Ka-band spot gateway (uplink) beams to provide voice, video, and broadband Internet services to 14 countries including India, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, and Australia.
162120 EactiveAsiasat 6 (Thaicom 7)401412014-052ALS-1300Asia Satellite Telecommunications Co. Ltd.Cape Canaveral SFS37007-Sep-2014FootprintsCharts28 C-band transponders to provide services via its regional beam in South Asia and Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand
163122 EactiveAsiasat 9429422017-057ALS-1300Asia Satellite Telecommunications Co. Ltd.Baikonur Cosmodrome614028-Sep-2017FootprintsCharts28 C-band and 32 Ku-band transponders
164124 EactiveJCSat 4B (JCSat 13)383312012-023AA2100AXSSKY Perfect JSAT CorporationGuiana Space Center 15-May-2012FootprintsCharts44 Ku-band high-power transponders to provide uplink and downlink coverage over Japan, Asia, and Oceania. Additionally, two steerable antennas will provide coverage for new and emerging markets.
165125 EactiveChinasat 6D (ZX 6D)522552022-038ADFH-4E BusChina Satellite Communications Co. Ltd.(China Satcom)Xichang Satellite Launch Center 15-Apr-2022FootprintsChartsC-band capacity covering China (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan), South Asia, West Asia, East Asia, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia and South Pacific island countries Ku-band capacity - China Beam: Mainland China and surrounding coastal, Ocean Beam: South China Sea, Philippines and Malaysia
166125 EactiveChinasat 26 (Zhongxing 26, ZX-26)556862023-023ADFH-4E BusChina Satellite Communications Co. Ltd.(China Satcom)Xichang Satellite Launch Center500023-Feb-2023FootprintsChartsHTS satellite with 94 Ka-band user beams and 11 gateway beams to provide more than 100 gigabits per second (Gbps) to China and surrounding sea areas, Mongolia, Russia, Japan, Southeast Asia, India, Indian Ocean and other regions
167128 EactiveLAOSat 1 (APStar L)410342015-067ADFH-4 BusLaos National Authority for Science and Technology (NAST)Xichang Satellite Launch Center520020-Nov-2015FootprintsCharts14 C-band and 8 Ku-band transponders
168128 EactiveJCSat 3A (JCSat 10)292722006-033AA2100AXSSKY Perfect JSAT CorporationGuiana Space Center405011-Aug-2006FootprintsCharts30 Ku-band high-power transponders and 12 C-band medium-power transponders to provide direct-to-home radio and television services to Japan, Asia-Pacific, and Hawaii
169128 EactiveCOMS 1 (Chollian)367442010-032AEurostar-3000Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI)Guiana Space Center246026-Jun-2010FootprintsChartsKorean multi-function geostationary satellite COMS (Communication, Ocean and Meteorological Satellite). S/L-band transponder, Ka-band transponders
170130 EactiveChinasat 6C (ZX-6C)440672019-012ADFH-4 BusChina Satellite Communications Co. Ltd.(China Satcom)Xichang Satellite Launch Center 9-Mar-2019FootprintsCharts25 C-band transponders to provide high-quality and reliable uplink and downlink transmissions of programs for the radio and TV stations and cable TV networks
171132 EactiveJCSat 5A (JCSat 9, N-Star D)290452006-010AA2100AXSSKY Perfect JSAT CorporationSea Launch (Odyssey platform)440012-Apr-2006FootprintsCharts20 Ku-band, 20 C-band and 1 S-band transponders to cover Japan, Southeast Asia, Hawaii andLo Oceania
172132 EactiveVinasat 1327672008-018AA2100AVietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT)Guiana Space Center263718-Apr-2008FootprintsCharts12 Ku-band, and 8 C-band transponders to provide voice, video, and Internet services to Vietnam, eastern Asia, India, Australia, Japan, and Hawaii
173132 EactiveJCSat RA (JCSat 12)357552009-044AA2100AXSSKY Perfect JSAT CorporationGuiana Space Center400021-Aug-2009FootprintsCharts30 Ku-band high-power transponders and 12 C-band medium-power transponders to provide telecommunications service covering Japan, the Asia-Pacific region and Hawaii. In-orbit backup satellite
174132 EactiveVinasat 2383322012-023BA2100AVietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT)Guiana Space Center297015-May-2012FootprintsCharts24 Ku-band transponders to provide radio, television and telephone transmission services for all of Vietnam and certain parts of the Asia Pacific region
175134 EactiveAPSTAR 6C434502018-041ADFH-4 BusAPT Satellite Holdings Ltd.Xichang Satellite Launch Center 4-May-2018FootprintsCharts45 transponders in C, Ku, and Ka bands to provide high power transponder services to customers across the Asia-Pacific region for VSAT, video distribution, DTH and cellular backhaul applications
176134 EactiveAPSTAR 6D (Shenzhen Star)458632020-045ADFH-4E BusAPT Satellite Holdings Ltd.Xichang Satellite Launch Center55509-Jul-2020FootprintsCharts90 Ku-band user Spot beams and 8 Ka-band Gateway beams to provide up to 50 Gbps HTS capacity
177136 EactiveJCSat 17452452020-013AA2100ASKY Perfect JSAT CorporationGuiana Space Center585718-Feb-2020FootprintsChartsS-band, C-band and Ku-band transponders to provide satellite communication services to East Asia and Japan
178138 EactiveTelstar 18V (Telstar 18 VANTAGE, APStar 5C)436112018-069ALS-1300Telesat Canada Ltd.Cape Canaveral SFS701110-Sep-2018FootprintsChartsC-band, Ku-band regional beams and Ku-band HTS payload
179140 EactiveExpress AT2396132014-010BExpress-1000KRussian Satellite Communications CompanyBaikonur Cosmodrome142716-Mar-2014FootprintsCharts16 Ku-band transponders to cover eastern part of Russia
180140 EactiveNBN-Co 1A (Sky Muster 1, SkyMuster I)409402015-054ALS-1300NBN Co LimitedGuiana Space Center644030-Sep-2015FootprintsCharts110 Ka-band spot beams to deliver high-speed broadband service to rural and remote areas of Australia.
181140 EactiveExpress AM5 (Ekspress AM5, EAM5)394872013-077AExpress-2000Russian Satellite Communications CompanyBaikonur Cosmodrome340026-Dec-2013FootprintsCharts30 C-band, 40 Ku-band, 12 Ka-band, 2 L-band transponders
182142 EactiveAPSTAR 9 (MySat 1)409822015-059ADFH-4 BusAPT Satellite Holdings Ltd.Xichang Satellite Launch Center520017-Oct-2015FootprintsCharts32 C-band (39.5 x 36 MHz equivalent) and 14 Ku-band (21 x 36 MHz equivalent) transponders
183143 EactiveInmarsat-4F2 (Inmarsat 4-F2, I4F2, IND-W)288992005-044AEurostar-3000GMInmarsat plcSea Launch (Odyssey platform)59588-Nov-2005FootprintsCharts228 Narrow Spots, 19 Wide Spots and 1 Global Beam to support the new Broadband Global Area Network (B-GAN) for internet and intranet solutions, video on demand, video-conferencing, fax, e-mail, telephone and high-speed LAN access.
184144 EactiveSuperbird C2 (Superbird 7)332742008-038ADS2000SKY Perfect JSAT CorporationGuiana Space Center482014-Aug-2008FootprintsCharts28 Ku-band transponders to cover the Asia-Pacific region, the Indian Ocean, Oceania, and the Pacific Islands.
185145 EactiveNBN-Co 1B (Sky Muster 2, SkyMuster II)417942016-060BLS-1300NBN Co LimitedGuiana Space Center64055-Oct-2016FootprintsChartsKa-band spot beams (202 transponders) to provide data services (25 Mbps of speed) to Australia, Norfolk, Christmas, Macquarie and Cocos Islands
186145 EactiveExpress AMU7500012021-123AExpress-1000Russian Satellite Communications CompanyBaikonur Cosmodrome198013-Dec-2021FootprintsCharts20 C-band transponders, 16 Ku-band transponders, 1 L-band transponder
187146 EactivePSN 6 (PSN VI, Nusantara Satu)440482019-009ALS-1300PT Pasifik Satelite Nusantara (PSN)Cape Canaveral SFS410022-Feb-2019FootprintsCharts38 C-band and 18 Ku-band high-throughput transponders to provide voice and data communications, broadband Internet, and video distribution throughout the Indonesian archipelago
188150 EactiveBRIsat415912016-039ALS-1300PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk.Guiana Space Center354016-Jun-2016FootprintsCharts9 Ku-band (72MHz) transponders, 36 C-band (36MHz) transponders to provide enhanced secure banking communications for more than 10,600 operational branches, as well as to some 237,000 electronic channel outlets and nearly 53 million customers across the Indonesian archipelago
189150 EactiveJCSat 1C (Kacific-1, JCSat 18, N-SAT-Y12-150E)448682019-091ABSS-702SKY Perfect JSAT CorporationCape Canaveral SFS680016-Dec-2019FootprintsChartsKu and Ka-band HTS (56 narrow beams) mission over Asia Pacific including Far East Russia as well as a traditional wide-beam mission over East Asia, in response to not only mobility and broadband demands but also government and cellular backhaul demands
190152 EactiveOptus D2322522007-044AGEOStar-2Optus CommunicationsGuiana Space Center23505-Oct-2007FootprintsCharts24 (+8) Ku-band transponders to provide television and communications services to Australia and New Zealand
191154 EactiveJCSat 2B (JCSat 14)414712016-028ALS-1300SKY Perfect JSAT CorporationCape Canaveral SFS46966-May-2016FootprintsCharts26 C-band transponders and 18-Ku-band transponders for service in Asia, Russia, Oceania, and the Pacific Islands. The C-band coverage will be used for both broadcast and data networks and the satellite's Ku-band regional beams will provide high-speed connectivity for maritime, aviation and resource exploration use. Will replace JCSat 2A
192156 EactiveOptus 10401462014-054ALS-1300Optus CommunicationsGuiana Space Center327011-Sep-2014FootprintsCharts24 Ku-band transponders to provide high quality broadcast services to households, and twoway voice and data communication services to areas in and around Australia and NZ
193156 EactiveOptus C1 (Defence C1)278312003-028BLS-1300Optus Communications/Australian Ministry of DefenceGuiana Space Center472512-Jun-2003FootprintsCharts24 Ku-band transponders covering Australia, New Zealand and East Asia. 4 X-band, 4 Ka-band transponders and 6 UHF band channels providing services for the Australian Department of Defence
194156 EactiveOptus D3357562009-044BGEOStar-2Optus CommunicationsGuiana Space Center250031-Jul-2009FootprintsCharts24 Ku-band transponders, with 8 back-up channels also available, to provide fixed communications and direct television broadcasting services to Australia and New Zealand
195157 EactiveIntelsat 1R (IS 1R, PAS 1R)266082000-072ABSS-702IntelsatGuiana Space Center479315-Nov-2000FootprintsCharts24 C-band and 36 Ku-band transponders to provide direct-to-home (DTH) digital video and Internet services.
196159 EactiveABS-6 (ABS 1, LMI 1, Condosat 1)259241999-053AA2100AXABSBaikonur Cosmodrome289426-Sep-1999FootprintsCharts28 C-band, 16 Ku-band; business services, public voice and data services, broadcasting, direct-to-home; Eastern Europe, CIS, South and Southeast Asia, Africa, Middle East, Australia. Planned for relocation to 159East position and renamed to ABS 6. Moving to 159 East orbital position where it will be renamed as ABS 6
197160 EactiveOptus D1294952006-043BGEOStar-2Optus CommunicationsGuiana Space Center229913-Oct-2006FootprintsCharts24 Ku-band transponders to provide voice and video for Australia and New Zealand
198162 EactiveSuperbird B3 (Superbird 8, DSN-1, Kirameki 1)432712018-033ADS2000SKY Perfect JSAT CorporationGuiana Space Center53485-Apr-2018FootprintsChartsKu-band and Ka-band Japan beam and Ku-band steerable beam. Replacement to Superbird B2 satellite. Also aboard is the DSN 1 X-band communications payload built and operated by DSN Corporation for the Japanese Ministry of Defense
199163 EactiveChinasat 19 (Zhongxing 19, ZX-19)542302022-148ADFH-4E BusChina Satellite Communications Co. Ltd.(China Satcom)Xichang Satellite Launch Center50005-Nov-2022FootprintsChartsMulti-band C, Ku and Ka band payload which mainly covers Eastern China, Southeast Asia, and most of the Pacific Ocean including North American routes. It is a new generation HTS satellite that meet the requirements of satellite Internet and communication transmission
200163 EactiveYamal 202 (Yamal 200 KA-2, Ямал-202)280892003-053AUSP BusGazprom Space SystemsBaikonur Cosmodrome132024-Nov-2003FootprintsCharts18 C-band; provide communications for gas corporation operations throughout Eurasian continent.
201166 EactiveIntelsat 5 (PAS 5, Arabsat 2C, Badr C)249161997-046AHS-601HPIntelsatBaikonur Cosmodrome360028-Aug-1997FootprintsCharts28 C-band transponders, 28 Ku-band transponders Moving to 166 East orbital position
202166 EactiveIntelsat 19 (IS-19)383562012-030ALS-1300IntelsatSea Launch (Odyssey platform)560031-May-2012FootprintsCharts24 C-Band and 34 Ku-Band transponders to provide telecommunication services and enhanced distribution of content throughout Asia-Pacific region with reach to the Western United States, Australia and New Zealand. Data received from the satellite indicate that the south solar array is damaged, and that the power available to the satellite will be reduced.
203167 EactiveLuch 5A (Loutch-5A, Луч-5А)379512011-074BExpress-1000ARoscosmos (Russian Federal Space Agency)Baikonur Cosmodrome114011-Dec-2011FootprintsCharts7 Ku and S band transponders to relay commands and data to and from the LEO satellites, to provide secure Presidential communication links, command relay to rockets and spacecrafts, support communications with ISS, as well as COSPAS-SARSAT search and rescue system support. Planned to be moved to 167 East orbital slot.
204169 EactiveHorizons 3E436332018-074BBSS-702MPSKY Perfect JSAT Corporation/IntelsatGuiana Space Center644125-Sep-2018FootprintsChartsC-band and high throughput Ku-band capacity to provide 22 Gbps+ in growth capacity for aeronautical and maritime mobility applications spanning from Asia and the Pacific to North America under EpicNG project. Joint venture with Intelsat
205172 EactiveEutelsat 172B427412017-029BEurostar-3000EOREutelsat Communications S.A.Guiana Space Center35511-Jun-2017FootprintsChartsAll-Electric Satellite with 14 C-band transponders, 36 Ku-band transponders and high throughput Ku-band payload to provide continuity and expansion capacity at this orbital position
206174 EactiveEutelsat 174A (ES-174A, ES-172A, AMC 23, Worldsat 3, AMC 13, GE 2i, GE 23)289242005-052ASpacebus-4000C3Eutelsat Communications S.A.Baikonur Cosmodrome500029-Dec-2005FootprintsCharts20 Ku-band, 18 C-band transponders. Broadcast, Internet, business; Ku-band tailored to broadband for Boeing (Hughes) Connexion; Pacific region.
207176 EactiveNSS 11 (AAP 1, GE 1A, Worldsat 1)265542000-059AA2100AXSES S.A.Baikonur Cosmodrome35822-Oct-2000FootprintsCharts24 C-band, 24 Ku-band transponders providing direct-to-home voice, video and data transmission in India, China and Philippines.
208178 EactiveIntelsat 10 (IS 10, PAS 10)267662001-019AHS-601HPIntelsatBaikonur Cosmodrome373914-May-2001FootprintsCharts24 C-band, 24 Ku-band providing Direct-to-home video channels to Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe
209178 EactiveInmarsat-4F1 (Inmarsat 4-F1, I4F1, PAC-W)286282005-009AEurostar-3000GMInmarsat plcCape Canaveral SFS595911-Mar-2005FootprintsCharts228 Narrow Spots, 19 Wide Spots and 1 Global Beam to support the new Broadband Global Area Network (B-GAN) for internet and intranet solutions, video on demand, video-conferencing, fax, e-mail, telephone and high-speed LAN access
210180activeIntelsat 18 (IS-18)378342011-056AGEOStar-2IntelsatBaikonur Cosmodrome32006-Oct-2011FootprintsCharts24 C-band and 12 Ku-band transponders to provide telecommunication services. The satellite's C-band payload will serve Eastern Asia, the Pacific and the Western United States and its Ku-band payload will serve French Polynesia, Eastern Australia and the United States.
211180activeInmarsat GX3 (Inmarsat 5F3, I5-POR, GX3)408822015-042ABSS-702HPInmarsat plcBaikonur Cosmodrome607028-Aug-2015FootprintsCharts89 Ka-band beams generated by two transmit and two receive apertures to provide high-speed broadband mobile satellite communication services up to 50Mbps to Pacific Ocean Region. 6 Steerable spot beams to direct additional capacity where it is needed.
212177 WactiveNSS 9337492009-008AGEOStar-2SES S.A.Guiana Space Center223812-Feb-2009FootprintsCharts44 C-band transponders covering the Pacific Ocean Region
213177 WactiveYamal 300K (Ямал-300К)389782012-061BExpress-1000Gazprom Space SystemsBaikonur Cosmodrome16402-Nov-2012FootprintsCharts8 C-band 72 MHz transponders and 18 Ku-band 72 MHz transponders. Moving to 183 East (177W) location.
214169 WactiveNSS 6276032002-057AA2100AXSES S.A.Guiana Space Center457517-Dec-2002FootprintsCharts50 Ku-band transponders and 12 Ka-band super high gain uplink beams
215139 WactiveEutelsat 139 West A (E139WA, E12WD, E31B, E7A, W3A, Eutelsat W3A)281872004-008AEurostar-3000SEutelsat Communications S.A.Baikonur Cosmodrome430015-Mar-2004FootprintsCharts58 Ku-band transponders; replace the aging EUTELSAT 12 WEST B satellite to provide FSS services, including Ku-band connectivity for aeronautical and maritime earth stations in motion (“ESIMs”) in Europe, the Atlantic Ocean, the eastern United States and the Caribbean region. There is also Ka-band capacity available on this satellite.
216139 WactiveAMC 6 (GE 6, Rainbow 2)265802000-067AA2100AXSES S.A.Baikonur Cosmodrome390122-Oct-2000FootprintsCharts32 Ku and 24 C-band transponders to provide business (government and VSAT), media and entertainment services to CONUS, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Central America and South America (steerable Ku-band beam)
217139 WactiveSpaceway 2 (Spaceway F2)289032005-046BBSS-702DirecTV, Inc. Guiana Space Center611616-Nov-2005FootprintsCharts72 Ka-band transponders to provide direct broadcast services to North America and Hawaii
218135 WactiveSES 22529332022-071ASpacebus-4000B2SES S.A.Cape Canaveral SFS350029-Jun-2022FootprintsChartsC-band satellite that is dedicated to transitioning existing services from the lower 300 MHz to the upper 200 MHz of C-band spectrum in the United States
219133 WactiveGalaxy 33 (Galaxy-15R)540262022-128AGEOStar-3IntelsatCape Canaveral SFS36548-Oct-2022FootprintsChartsC-band services, mainly television broadcasting
220131 WactiveSES 21539612022-123BBSS-702SPSES S.A.Cape Canaveral SFS16384-Oct-2022FootprintsCharts10 C-band transponders
221129 WactiveGalaxy 34 (Galaxy 12R)540272022-128BGEOStar-3IntelsatCape Canaveral SFS36958-Oct-2022FootprintsChartsC-band services, mainly television broadcasting
222129 WactiveGalaxy 12 (Galaxy XII, G-12)277152003-013BGEOStar-2IntelsatGuiana Space Center17609-Apr-2003FootprintsCharts24 C-band transponders. Spare Satellite for NA region.
223129 WactiveCiel 2 (Ciel II)334532008-063ASpacebus-4000C4Ciel Satellite Group & EchostarBaikonur Cosmodrome556110-Dec-2008FootprintsCharts32 Ku band transponders to deliver high-definition and other TV services throughout North America.
224129 WactiveSES 15427092017-026ABSS-702SPSES S.A.Guiana Space Center234018-May-2017FootprintsChartsKa-band and Ku-band transponders + WAAS payload to serve SES leading aeronautical customers as well as other traffic intensive data applications such as government, VSAT networks and maritime in North America, Latin America, Caribbean and Pacific Ocean Region
225127 WactiveGalaxy 37 (Horizons 4)574932023-112ALS-1300IntelsatCape Canaveral SFS50633-Aug-2023FootprintsChartsC-band capacity managed by Intelsat and Ku-band capacity managed by JCSat
226127 WactiveHorizons 1 (Galaxy 13, Linkstar 4, Galaxy XIII)279542003-044ABSS-601HPSKY Perfect JSAT Corporation/IntelsatSea Launch (Odyssey platform)40601-Oct-2003FootprintsCharts24 C-band and 24 Ku-band transponders covering CONUS
227125 WactiveAMC 21332752008-038BGEOStar-2SES S.A.Guiana Space Center247314-Aug-2008FootprintsCharts24 Ku-band transponders to beam television broadcasts across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.
228125 WactiveGalaxy 30 (Galaxy 14R)461142020-056CGEOStar-2IntelsatGuiana Space Center329815-Aug-2020FootprintsChartsC-band, Ku-band and Ka-band transponders to provide the traditional broadcast applications and new network solutions. Also hosts the WAAS-GEO 7 payload. IOT is planned at 84.55 East orbital location
229123 WactiveGalaxy 18 (G-18)329512008-024ALS-1300IntelsatSea Launch (Odyssey platform)464221-May-2008FootprintsCharts24 Ku-band and 24 C-band transponders to provide advanced television and data throughout North America
230121 WactiveGalaxy 23 (G-23, IA-13, Telstar 13, EchoStar 9)278542003-034ALS-1300Dish Network Corporation/Intelsat Sea Launch (Odyssey platform)47378-Aug-2003FootprintsCharts24 C-band, 4 Ka-band, 32 Ku-band transponders. C-band capacity owned by Intelsat
231121 WactiveGalaxy 31 (Galaxy 23R, PACSTAR-L4)542432022-153ALS-1300IntelsatCape Canaveral SFS330012-Nov-2022FootprintsChartsC-band replacement satellite for Galaxy 23 with a wide beam covering North America including Alaska and Hawaii, Central America and the Caribbean
232119 WactiveAnik F3311022007-009AEurostar-3000STelesat Canada Ltd.Baikonur Cosmodrome47159-Apr-2007FootprintsCharts32 Ku-band, 24 C-band and 2 Ka-band transponders to provide voice and video throughout North America.
233119 WactiveDirectv 8 (AT&T T8)286592005-019ALS-1300AT&TBaikonur Cosmodrome371122-May-2005FootprintsCharts32 Ku-band and 4 Ka-band transponders
234119 WactiveEchostar 14 (Echostar XIV)364992010-010ALS-1300EchoStar CorporationBaikonur Cosmodrome637921-Mar-2010FootprintsCharts103 Ku-band transponders to provide expanded DTH services for DISH Network's subscribers
235117 WactiveEutelsat 117 West A (E117WA, Satmex 8)391222013-012ALS-1300Eutelsat Communications S.A.Baikonur Cosmodrome550027-Mar-2013FootprintsCharts24 C-band and 40 Ku-band transponders to provide Fixed Satellite Services to serve the continental United States to Argentina as well as the Caribbean, all of Latin America and the major cities of Brazil (will replace Satmex 5)
236117 WactiveEutelsat 117 West B (E117WB, Satmex 9)415892016-038BBSS-702SPEutelsat Communications S.A.Cape Canaveral SFS180014-Jun-2016FootprintsCharts48 Ku-band transponders to offer expanded capacity across more than 45 nations and territories in the Americas. It will also carry a hosted payload enabling the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to enhance aviation safety—the FAA payload is the first in a series of Wide-Area Augmentation System (WAAS) commercial space missions.
237116 WactiveSirius FM-6 (Radiosat 6)393602013-058ALS-1300XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc./Sirius Satellite RadioBaikonur Cosmodrome602025-Oct-2013FootprintsCharts1 X/S-band transponder to provide state-of-the-art digital audio radio programming directly to cars, homes and portable radios coast to coast. Planned to be stationed at 116.15 West orbital location after in-orbit testing at 120 West orbital slot.
238115 WactiveMexSat Bicentenario (Mexsat 3)390352012-075BGEOStar-2Mexican Secretary of Communication and Transportation (SCT)Guiana Space Center293519-Dec-2012FootprintsCharts12 active extended Ku-band and 12 active extended C-band transponders to provide the complete Fixed Satellite Services (FSS) segment of the MEXSAT satellite system for the Federal Government of Mexico
239115 WactiveEutelsat 115 West B (E115WB, Satmex 7)404252015-010BBSS-702SPEutelsat Communications S.A.Cape Canaveral SFS22052-Mar-2015FootprintsCharts12 C-band and 34 Ku-band transponders to provide Fixed Satellite Services (FSS) in the Americas.
240115 WactiveXM 5 (Sirius XM-5)371852010-053ALS-1300XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc./Sirius Satellite RadioBaikonur Cosmodrome598414-Oct-2010FootprintsChartsX/S-band transponders. It will enhance the existing XM satellite fleet, ensuring XM subscribers across North America continue receiving high-quality, digital-music, entertainment and data services.
241115 WactiveViaSat 1 (VS-1, VIASAT-IOM)378432011-059ALS-1300ViaSat IncBaikonur Cosmodrome674019-Oct-2011FootprintsCharts56 Ka-band transponders to serve the accelerating growth in bandwidth demand for multimedia Internet access over North America
242113 WactiveMexSat 2 (Morelos 3)409462015-056ABSS-702HPMexican Secretary of Communication and Transportation (SCT)Cape Canaveral SFS58002-Oct-2015FootprintsChartsL and Ku-band transponders (122 spot L-band beams) to provide secure communications for Mexico’s national security needs, as well as enhanced coverage for the country’s civil telecommunications
243111 WactiveWildblue 1 (KaStar 1, iSky 1, WB-1)296432006-054ALS-1300ViaSat IncGuiana Space Center47358-Dec-2006FootprintsCharts35 Ka-band user spot beams and 6 gateway beams to provide Broadband Internet Access via satellite to North America
244111 WactiveAnik F4 (AMC 11, GE 11)282522004-017AA2100ATelesat Canada Ltd.Cape Canaveral SFS234019-May-2004FootprintsCharts24 C-band transponders.
245111 WactiveAnik F2 (CANSAT KA-4)283782004-027ABSS-702Telesat Canada Ltd.Guiana Space Center595018-Jul-2004FootprintsCharts24 30W C-band, 40 127W Ku-band, 50 90W Ka-band transponders to provide broadband and multimedia services for northern US states and Canada
246111 WactiveEchostar T1 (TerreStar 1, CANSAT-24)354962009-035ALS-1300SEchoStar CorporationGuiana Space Center69101-Jul-2009FootprintsChartsS-band transponders to provide new-generation mobile communications services across the United States and Canada
247110 WactiveEchostar 10 (Echostar X)289352006-003AA2100AXSEchoStar CorporationSea Launch (Odyssey platform)433315-Feb-2006FootprintsCharts137x24MHz Ka-band transponders. Direct-to-home transmission of voice, video and internet.
248110 WactiveDirectv 5 (AT&T T5, Tempo 1)274262002-023ALS-1300AT&TBaikonur Cosmodrome36407-May-2002FootprintsCharts32 Ku-band transponders providing direct broadcasting and digital television to North American subscribers.
249110 WactiveEchostar 11 (Echostar XI)332072008-035ALS-1300EchoStar CorporationSea Launch (Odyssey platform)551116-Jul-2008FootprintsCharts29 Ku-band transponders to provide direct-to-home services to CONUS
250110 WactiveEchostar 23 (Echostar XXIII)420702017-014ALS-1300EchoStar CorporationCape Canaveral SFS550016-Mar-2017FootprintsCharts32 Ku-band transponders to provide DTH/DBS services.
251109 WactiveAnik F1266242000-076ABSS-702Telesat Canada Ltd.Guiana Space Center471021-Nov-2000FootprintsCharts36 C-band and 48 Ku-band transponders; broadcasting, business; North and South America; faulty solar panels may affect operations by 2005.
252107 WactiveAnik F1R288682005-036AEurostar-3000STelesat Canada Ltd.Baikonur Cosmodrome45009-Sep-2005FootprintsCharts32 Ku-band, 24 C-band and 2 (WAAS) L-band transponders to provide services across North America.
253107 WactiveEchostar 17 (Jupiter 1, Spaceway 4)385512012-035ALS-1300EchoStar CorporationGuiana Space Center61005-Jul-2012FootprintsCharts60 downlink beams (Ka-band) will deliver HughesNet® broadband satellite services in North America
254107 WactiveAnik G1391272013-014ALS-1300Telesat Canada Ltd.Baikonur Cosmodrome490515-Apr-2013FootprintsCharts16 transponders in extended Ku-band over Canada, 24 C-band and 12 Ku-band transponders over South America to provide direct-to-home and telecommunication services. First commercial military X-band payload (3 transponders) with coverage over the Americas and the Pacific Ocean including Hawaii
255107 WactiveAMSC 1 (MSAT 2)235531995-019AHS-601LightSquared / Skyterra Communications Inc.Cape Canaveral SFS29967-Apr-1995FootprintsCharts6 L-band transponders and Ku-band capacity to provide mobile telephone, radio, facsimile, paging, position location, and data communications for US/Canada users on land, at sea, and in the air.
256105 WactiveSES 11 (Echostar 105)429672017-063AEurostar-3000SES S.A.Cape Canaveral SFS540011-Oct-2017FootprintsCharts24 Ku-band and 24 C-band transponders to support the continued development of the U.S. orbital arc media distribution neighbourhood and provide coverage over North America, including Hawaii, Mexico and the Caribbean. Planned for IOT testing at 142.5 West orbital position
257105 WactiveAMC 15284462004-041AA2100AXSSES S.A.Baikonur Cosmodrome402115-Oct-2004FootprintsCharts24 Ku-band and 12 Ka-band transponders covering US (including Hawai and Alaska), part of Canada and Mexico. Leased to Echostar Satellite Services.
258103 WactiveDirectv 10 (AT&T T10)318622007-032ABSS-702AT&TBaikonur Cosmodrome59007-Jul-2007FootprintsCharts32 broad-beam and 55 spot-beam Ka-band transponders to will provide HDTV to CONUS.
259103 WactiveDirectv 12 (AT&T T12, RB-2A)361312009-075ABSS-702AT&TBaikonur Cosmodrome606029-Dec-2009FootprintsCharts32 (+12) Ka-band transponders, 55 (+15) Ka-band Spot-Beam transponders to provide HDTV throughout North America
260103 WactiveSES 3 (OS-2, AMC 1R)377482011-035AGEOStar-2SES S.A.Baikonur Cosmodrome311215-Jul-2011FootprintsCharts24 active C-band, 24 Ku-band transponders and Commercially Hosted Infrared Payload (CHIRP) replacing AMC-1 satellite.
261103 WactiveDirectv 15 (AT&T T15)406632015-026AEurostar-3000AT&TGuiana Space Center630027-May-2015FootprintsCharts30 high power transponders in Ku-band, 24 transponders in Ka-band, 18 transponders in Reverse Band, and will be able to operate from up to five orbital locations from 99°W to 119°W, covering Continental US (CONUS), Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico
262103 WactiveSES 20539602022-123ABSS-702SPSES S.A.Cape Canaveral SFS13694-Oct-2022FootprintsCharts10 C-band transponders
263101 WactiveDirectv 16 (AT&T T16)443332019-034AEurostar-3000AT&TGuiana Space Center635020-Jun-2019FootprintsChartsReplacement Multi-Band Ku , Ka and Rev DBS satellite for 101W orbital slot. Planned for IOT at 134.75 W.L
264101 WactiveDirectv 9S (AT&T T9S, USABSS-21)294942006-043ALS-1300AT&TGuiana Space Center553513-Oct-2006FootprintsCharts52 Ku-band and 2 Ka-band transponders to cover Conus, Alaska, Hawaii with 27 spot beams
265101 WactiveSES 1 (AMC 4R, AMC 4R, AMC 5RR, OS-1)365162010-016AGEOStar-2SES S.A.Baikonur Cosmodrome317024-Apr-2010FootprintsCharts24 active C-band and 24 Ku-band transponders
266101 WactiveSkyterra 1372182010-061ABSS-702LightSquared / Skyterra Communications Inc.Baikonur Cosmodrome536014-Nov-2010FootprintsCharts152 Tranponders (L and Ku band) to provide 4G-LTE open wireless broadband network coverage to North America including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Mexico and the Caribbean Basin.
26799 WactiveGalaxy 16 (G-16)292362006-023ALS-1300IntelsatSea Launch (Odyssey platform)464018-Aug-2006FootprintsCharts24 C-band and 24 Ku-band transponders to provide standard TV and HDTV to all parts of North America
26899 WactiveDirectv 11 (AT&T T11)327292008-013ABSS-702AT&TSea Launch (Odyssey platform)592319-Mar-2008FootprintsCharts32 (+12) Ka-band transponders, 55 (+15) Ka-band Spot-Beam transponders to provide HDTV throughout North America
26999 WactiveDirectv 14 (AT&T T14, Directv BSS-99W, RB-1)403332014-078BLS-1300AT&TGuiana Space Center65026-Dec-2014FootprintsCharts24 Ka-band and Reverse DBS transponders to provide video services to North and South America continents
27098 WactiveInmarsat-4F3 (Inmarsat 4-F3, I4F3, PAC-E)332782008-039A Eurostar-3000GMInmarsat plcBaikonur Cosmodrome596018-Aug-2008FootprintsCharts228 Narrow Spots, 19 Wide Spots and 1 Global Beam to support the new Broadband Global Area Network (B-GAN) for internet and intranet solutions, video on demand, video-conferencing, fax, e-mail, telephone and high-speed LAN access
27197 WactiveGalaxy 19 (G-19, Intelsat Americas-9, IA-9)333762008-045ALS-1300IntelsatSea Launch (Odyssey platform)469224-Sep-2008FootprintsCharts24 C-band and 28 Ku-band transponders to provide advanced cable television, data, and telecommunications services to customers throughout North America, Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.
27297 WactiveEchostar 19 (Jupiter 2, Spaceway 5, Echostar 97)418932016-079ALS-1300EchoStar CorporationCape Canaveral SFS663718-Dec-2016FootprintsChartsKa-band transponders (60+60 Ka-band spot beams) to provide high capacity and high-speed satellite Internet service in North America
27395 WactiveIntelsat 30 (ISDLA-1, DLA 1)402712014-062BLS-1300IntelsatGuiana Space Center630016-Oct-2014FootprintsCharts4 C-band and 73 Ku-band transponders to provide DTH services to southwest coast of the United States, South America excluding Brazil, and a portion of the Caribbean
27495 WactiveIntelsat 31 (DLA 2)415812016-035ALS-1300IntelsatBaikonur Cosmodrome64509-Jun-2016FootprintsCharts10 C-band and 72 Ku-band transponders to provide DTH services to Latin America
27595 WactiveGalaxy 3C (G-3C)274452002-030ABSS-702IntelsatSea Launch (Odyssey platform)486015-Jun-2002FootprintsCharts24 C-band and 16 Ku-band to provide Direct-to-home broadcast of video and Internet to North America
27695 WactiveSpaceway 3 (Spaceway F3)320182007-036ABSS-702EchoStar CorporationGuiana Space Center607514-Aug-2007FootprintsCharts24 Ka-band regenerative downlink hopping spot beams covering North America (17 regional spots, 21 city spots and CONUS)
27795 WactiveGalaxy 35 (Galaxy 3CR)547412022-170ALS-1300IntelsatGuiana Space Center315013-Dec-2022FootprintsChartsC-band replacement satellite
27893 WactiveEchostar G1 (ICO G1, DBSD G1)327632008-016ALS-1300EchoStar CorporationCape Canaveral SFS663414-Apr-2008FootprintsChartsS-band and Ka-band transponders to provide Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) throughout the USA, including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto-Rico and US Virgin Islands.
27993 WactiveGalaxy 11 (G-11)260381999-071ABSS-702IntelsatGuiana Space Center448821-Jan-1999FootprintsCharts24 C-band, 40 Ku-band transponders Planned for relocation to 166.3 East orbital position by the end of Y2023
28091 WactiveNimiq 6383422012-026ALS-1300Telesat Canada Ltd.Baikonur Cosmodrome474517-May-2012FootprintsCharts32 high powered Ku-band transponders. Bell TV has agreed to fully lease this new satellite for its lifetime to serve the fast-growing number of Bell TV subscribers across Canada.
28191 WactiveGalaxy 32 (Galaxy 17R)542442022-153BLS-1300IntelsatCape Canaveral SFS330012-Nov-2022FootprintsChartsC-band replacement satellite
28291 WactiveIntelsat 40E (TEMPO)561742023-052ALS-1300IntelsatCape Canaveral SFS 7-Apr-2023FootprintsChartsC, 42 Ku-band spot beams, and 3 Ka-band gateway beams (HTS payload) as well as NASA's TEMPO payload (Tropospheric Emissions: Monitoring of Pollution)
28389 WactiveGalaxy 28 (G-28, Telstar 8, Intelsat Americas 8, IA 8)287022005-022ALS-1300SIntelsatSea Launch (Odyssey platform)549323-Jun-2005FootprintsCharts28 C-band, 36 Ku-band and 24 Ka-band transponders to provide video and data transmission services to North and South America. Ka-band capacity is leased to Viasat.
28489 WactiveGalaxy 36 (Galaxy 28R)547422022-170BLS-1300IntelsatGuiana Space Center315013-Dec-2022FootprintsChartsC-band replacement satellite
28587 WactiveSES 2 (AMC 5R, AMC 26)378092011-049AGEOStar-2SES S.A.Guiana Space Center320021-Sep-2011FootprintsCharts24 active C-band and 24 Ku-band transponders + Commercially Hosted Infrared Payload (CHIRP). There is also Ka-band payload present on the satellite although not licensed (by FCC) to be used at 87W position.
28687 WactiveTupac Katari 1 (TKSat 1, Tupac Katari Sat 1)394812013-075ADFH-4 BusBolivian Space Agency (ABE)Xichang Satellite Launch Center510020-Dec-2013FootprintsCharts26 Ku-band, 2 C-band and 2 Ka-band transponders
28786 WactiveSirius FM-5 (Radiosat 5)354932009-034ALS-1300XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc./Sirius Satellite RadioBaikonur Cosmodrome582030-Jun-2009FootprintsCharts1 X/S-band transponder to provide state-of-the-art digital audio radio programming directly to cars, homes and portable radios coast to coast.
28885 WactiveGalaxy 17 (G-17)313072007-016BSpacebus-3000B3IntelsatGuiana Space Center41004-May-2007FootprintsCharts24 C-band and 24 Ku-band transponders to provide telephone and television services to South and North America and Europe.
28985 WactiveXM 3 (XM Rhythm)286262005-008ABSS-702XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc./Sirius Satellite RadioSea Launch (Odyssey platform)47031-Mar-2005FootprintsCharts2 active X/S-band transponders, each with 16 active (6 spare) 228-w TWTAs to provide state-of-the-art digital audio radio programming directly to cars, homes and portable radios coast to coast.
29085 WactiveSirius XM8 (SXM-8)488382021-049ALS-1300XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc./Sirius Satellite RadioCape Canaveral SFS70006-Jun-2021FootprintsChartsS-band capacity to provide entertainment and data services to tens of millions of subscribers across North America replacing XM-4.
29184 WactiveStar One D1 (Hispasat 84W-2, H84W-2)419042016-082BLS-1300Star One (EMBRATEL)Guiana Space Center643320-Dec-2016FootprintsCharts28 C-band, 24 Ku-band and 18 Ka-band transponders to provide broadcast, broadband, Internet access and other digital applications to Brazil, Mexico, Latin America (West), Central America and Caribbean
29283 WactiveAMC 18 (GE 18)296442006-054BA2100ASES S.A.Guiana Space Center20818-Dec-2006FootprintsCharts24 C-band transponders covering CONUS, Canada, Caribbean and Mexica. Planned for relocation to 139W orbital location
29382 WactiveNimiq 4333732008-044AEurostar-3000STelesat Canada Ltd.Baikonur Cosmodrome485020-Sep-2008FootprintsCharts32 active high-power transponders Ku-band and 8 Ka-band transponders to provide digital HDTV to Canada and America. Fully leased to Bell TV.
29481 WactiveARSAT 2409412015-054BARSat-BusARSAT (Empresa Argentina de Soluciones Satelitales Sociedad Anonima)Guiana Space Center290030-Sep-2015FootprintsCharts26 Ku-band (2 beams) and 10 C-band (hemi beam) equivalent transponders to provide a wide range of telecommunications, data transmission, Internet and television services, primarily across the Americas from Argentina to Canada.
29579 WactiveSky-Mexico 1 (RB-2, SKYM-1, DIRECTV KU-79W)406642015-026BGEOStar-2DirecTV, Inc. Guiana Space Center247527-May-2015FootprintsCharts24 active Ku-band transponders and 2 active R-Band transponders providing Direct-to-Home broadcast services to the Mexico, Central America, and Caribbean Regions
29677 WactiveQuetzSat 1378262011-054ALS-1300SES S.A.Baikonur Cosmodrome551429-Sep-2011FootprintsCharts32 Ku-band transponders to provide coverage of Mexico, USA, and Central America. The satellite is fully contracted to a subsidiary of EchoStar Corporation and will be used in part by Dish Mexico, an EchoStar joint venture, for Direct-To-Home (DTH) services in Mexico
29776 WactiveIntelsat 16 (IS-16, PAS-11R)363972010-006AGEOStar-2IntelsatBaikonur Cosmodrome252512-Feb-2010FootprintsCharts24 active Ku-band transponders with two groups of 16-for-12 redundant linearized TWTA's transponders
29875 WactiveStar One C3389912012-062AGEOStar-2Star One (EMBRATEL)Guiana Space Center322510-Nov-2012FootprintsCharts28 C-band, 16 Ku-band transponders to provide telecommunication services to South America
29975 WactiveSGDC 1426922017-023BSpacebus-4000C4Visiona Tecnologia Espacial S.A.Guiana Space Center57354-May-2017FootprintsCharts48 small + 19 large spot Ka-band beams (50 transponders), with coverage throughout the Brazilian territory, in addition to 5 channels in X-band and has the capacity to traffic 58Gbps. 70% of the capacity is destined to expand the broadband Internet offer in the country. The remaining 30% was allocated to the strategic communications of the Armed Forces of Brazil.
30074 WactiveHispasat 74W-1 (Amazonas 4, AMZ4, Amazonas 4A)396162014-011AGEOStar-2HispasatGuiana Space Center300022-Mar-2014FootprintsCharts24 Ku-band transponders to provide coverage to the Americas and respond to the increasing demand of direct-to-home and high-definition television broadcasts.
30174 WactiveHorizons 2323882007-063BGEOStar-2SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation/IntelsatGuiana Space Center230421-Dec-2007FootprintsCharts20 active Ku-band transponders
30273 WactiveNimiq 5 (EchoStar-72W)358732009-050ALS-1300Telesat Canada Ltd.Baikonur Cosmodrome474518-Sep-2009FootprintsCharts32 Ku-band transponders
30372 WactiveAstra 2C268532001-025ABSS-601HPSES S.A.Baikonur Cosmodrome364316-Jun-2001FootprintsCharts32 Ku-band (for first five years; 28 after) transponders to provide Direct-to-home; broadcasting, multimedia services to continental Europe
30472 WactiveAMC 3 (GE 3, Eagle-1)249361997-050AA2100ASES S.A.Cape Canaveral SFS28454-Sep-1997FootprintsCharts24 Ku- and 24 C-band to provide broadcasting, business, cable services to CONUS, Hawaii, Caribbean and southern Canada
30572 WactiveARSAT 1402722014-062BARSat-BusARSAT (Empresa Argentina de Soluciones Satelitales Sociedad Anonima)Guiana Space Center290016-Oct-2014FootprintsCharts24 Ku-band transponders to provide data, telephone, and television transmission services for Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Bolivia. Currently being tested at 81 West orbital position
30670 WactiveStar One C4 (Hispasat 70W-1, H70W-1)407332015-034BLS-1300Star One (EMBRATEL)Guiana Space Center556515-Jul-2015FootprintsCharts48 Ku-band transponders to provide the coverage of the entire Brazilian territory and the expansion of the service to the Western South and Central America, as well as Mexico and mainland United States.
30770 WactiveViasat 2 (VS-2)427402017-029ABSS-702HPViaSat IncGuiana Space Center64181-Jun-2017FootprintsChartsKa-band capacity to provide broadband connectivity services for residential, mobile, and enterprise customers
30870 WactiveStar One D2490552021-069ALS-1300Star One (EMBRATEL)Guiana Space Center619030-Jul-2021FootprintsCharts28 (36MHz) C-band, 24 (36MHz) Ku-band transponders and Ka-band capacity along with a military X-band payload. Its projected coverage area includes South and Central America, including Mexico, and parts of the Atlantic Ocean.
30967 WactiveSES 10 (Simón Bolivar 2)424322017-017AEurostar-3000SES S.A.Cape Canaveral SFS530030-Mar-2017FootprintsCharts55 high-power Ku-Band 36MHz transponder equivalents to provide direct-to-home broadcasting, enterprise and mobility services to Latin America
31067 WactiveSES 17493322021-095ASpacebus NEOSES S.A.Guiana Space Center641123-Oct-2021FootprintsChartsUp to 200 Ka-band HTS spot beams to extend SES's global capabilities for inflight connectivity and deliver high-powered capacity and managed services for data customers over the entire Americas and the Atlantic Ocean
31165 WactiveEutelsat 65 West A (E65WA)413822016-014ALS-1300Eutelsat Communications S.A.Guiana Space Center67079-Mar-2016FootprintsCharts10 C-band (54 MHz bandwidth) transponders to cover western parts of Brazil, 24 Ku-band (36 MHz) transponders covering Brazil and Spanish-speaking Latin America and up to 24 Ka-band spotbeams designed to serve the most populated urban and suburban parts of Brazil and able to serve cities on the Pacific coastline and in Central America, according to market requirements.
31265 WactiveStar One C2327682008-018BSpacebus-3000B3Star One (EMBRATEL)Guiana Space Center410018-Apr-2008FootprintsCharts28 C-band, 16 Ku-band, and 1 X-band transponders providing Telecom, Internet and digital services for Brazil, South America and Mexico
31363 WactiveTelstar 14R (Estrela do Sul 2, EDS 2)376022011-021ALS-1300Telesat Canada Ltd.Baikonur Cosmodrome500020-May-2011FootprintsCharts46 active Ku-band transponders, of which 27 will be fixed and 19 switchable covering Brazil, the Continental United States (including the Gulf of Mexico and northern Caribbean), the Southern Cone of South America, the Andean region (including Central America and southern Caribbean), and the North and Mid-Atlantic Ocean. The satellite failed to fully deploy its north solar panel and will likely be able to use 60 percent of its capacity and operate for 12 years in orbit
31463 WactiveTelstar 19V (Telstar 19 VANTAGE)435622018-059ALS-1300Telesat Canada Ltd.Cape Canaveral SFS707522-Jul-2018FootprintsChartsKu and Ka-band capacity to serve growing markets in Latin America, the North Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean and Northern Canada.
31561 WactiveEchostar 16 (Echostar XVI)390082012-065ALS-1300EchoStar CorporationBaikonur Cosmodrome665020-Nov-2012FootprintsCharts32 Ku-band transponders to provide expanded services, including HD programming, for DISH Network’s more than 14 million direct-to-home television subscribers in the United States.
31661 WactiveAmazonas 5 (AMZ5)429342017-053ALS-1300HispasatBaikonur Cosmodrome590011-Sep-2017FootprintsCharts24 Ku-band transponders, 34 Ka-band spot beams to meet growing satellite capacity demand, mainly for satellite television platforms in Latin America and Brazil. Moreover, it has Ka band capacity to deal with new Internet connectivity services.
31761 WactiveEchostar 18 (EchoStar XVIII, USABSS-41)415922016-039BLS-1300EchoStar CorporationGuiana Space Center600016-Jun-2016FootprintsCharts61 Ku-band transponders to provide Broadcasting-Satellite Service/Direct Broadcast Satellite service to parts of the continental United States (“CONUS”), Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Cuba. Planned for permanent location at 61.35W as an in-orbit spare.
31861 WactiveAmazonas 2 (AMZ2)359422009-054AEurostar-3000HispasatGuiana Space Center54601-Oct-2009FootprintsCharts54 Ku-band transponders, 10 C-band transponders to provide a full range of telecommunications services to Brazil, and North and South America
31961 WactiveEchostar 15367922010-034ALS-1300EchoStar CorporationBaikonur Cosmodrome561910-Jul-2010FootprintsCharts32 Ku-band transponders to provide BSS services to CONUS and Puerto Rico.
32061 WactiveAmazonas 3 (AMZ3)390782013-006ALS-1300HispasatGuiana Space Center62657-Feb-2013FootprintsCharts33 Ku-band and 19 C-band to provide services covering Brazil, Latin America and the United States. 9 Ka-band spot beams are also included, providing the first Ka-band coverage over Latin America.
32158 WactiveIntelsat 21 (IS-21, PAS-21)387492012-045ABSS-702MPIntelsatSea Launch (Odyssey platform)598419-Aug-2012FootprintsCharts24 C-band and 36 Ku-band transponders for broadband, video and voice applications with coverage over the Americas and Europe
32255 WactiveInmarsat GX2 (Inmarsat 5F2, I5-AOR, GX2)403842015-005ABSS-702HPInmarsat plcBaikonur Cosmodrome61041-Feb-2015FootprintsCharts89 Ka-band beams generated by two transmit and two receive apertures to provide high-speed broadband mobile satellite communication services up to 50Mbps to Atlantic Ocean Region. 6 Steerable spot beams to direct additional capacity where it is needed. Second satellite of Global Xpress network.
32355 WactiveIntelsat 34 (IS-34, Hispasat 55W-2, H55W-2)408742015-039ALS-1300IntelsatGuiana Space Center330018-Aug-2015FootprintsCharts22 C-band channels to provide services to to North and South America and Europe and 18 Ku-band channels to provide services to Mexico, Central America, Brazil, the Caribbean, Europe, a portion of the United States, and the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean. It will serve the role originally intended for Intelsat 27 that was lost at launch failure and will replace Intelsat 805 and Galaxy 11 at 304.5 degrees East longitude position.
32454 WactiveInmarsat-3F5 (Inmarsat 3F5, I3F5, IND-W)251531998-006BAS-4000Inmarsat plcGuiana Space Center198022-Jan-1998FootprintsCharts22 (+11) L-band transponders (22W Power amplifiers), C-band uplink. 7 Wide Spots and 1 Global Beam to provide broadcasting, business services and mobile communications. Limited services on a single spot beam, back-up and leased capacity
32553 WactiveIntelsat 23 (IS-23)388672012-057AGEOStar-2IntelsatBaikonur Cosmodrome268114-Oct-2012FootprintsCharts24 C-band transponders, 15 Ku-band transponders to provide communications services for the Americas, Europe and Africa.
32650 WactiveIntelsat 902 (IS-902)269002001-039ALS-1300IntelsatGuiana Space Center472330-Aug-2001FootprintsCharts44 C-band and 12 Ku-band transponders, broadcasting, business services, direct-to-home TV broadcasting, telecommunications, VSAT networks
32750 WactiveIntelsat 9 (IS 9, PAS 9, PAS-23)264512000-043AHS-601HPIntelsatSea Launch (Odyssey platform)365928-Jul-2000FootprintsCharts24 C-band, 24 Ku-band transponders delivering 160 voice, video, data, and Internet channels to Americas, Caribbean, Europe. Planned for relocation to 50 West orbital location
32847 WactiveSES 14431752018-012BEurostar-3000EORSES S.A.Guiana Space Center442325-Jan-2018FootprintsChartsThe C-band payload of SES-14 will replace NSS-806 and will support SES’s cable neighborhood in Latin America. The Ku-band payload augments the Ku-band capacity on NSS-806 with wide beams and high throughput spot beams covering the Americas and the North Atlantic Region. The Ku-band spot beams will allow SES to support the increasing demand for aeronautical and maritime mobility applications, cellular backhaul, broadband delivery, and VSAT services for enterprise and government segments. The Ku-band wide beams are designed to provide video and data services in Latin America, the Caribbean, and across the North Atlantic. SES-14 also carries the Global-Scale Observations of the Limb and Disk (GOLD) as a hosted payload for NASA
32945 WactiveIntelsat 14 (IS-14, PAS 14)360972009-064ALS-1300IntelsatCape Canaveral SFS566323-Nov-2009FootprintsCharts40 C-band and 22 Ku-band transponders to cover Americas, Europe and Africa
33043 WactiveIntelsat 11 (IS-11, PAS-11)322532007-044BGEOStar-2IntelsatGuiana Space Center24505-Oct-2007FootprintsCharts18 Ku-band transponders serving Latin America (Brazil, part of Mexico, Venezuela and Florida) and 16 C-band transponders serving the USA (CONUS), Mexico and South America.
33143 WactiveIntelsat 32e (IS-32e, SKY Brasil-1, Sky-B1)419452017-007BEurostar-3000IntelsatGuiana Space Center630014-Feb-2017FootprintsCharts81 Ku-band and Ka-band transponders to expand the delivery of high definition, 3-D television and cinema programming throughout Brazil
33240 WactiveSES 6391722013-026AEurostar-3000SES S.A.Baikonur Cosmodrome61403-Jun-2013FootprintsCharts43 C-Band and 48 Ku-Band 36 MHz equivalent transponders (38 C-Band and 36 Ku-Band physical transponders) to provide services to Brazil, South cone, the Andean region, North America, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. Also featuring an innovative payload for mobile maritime and aeronautical services covering North America, the Gulf of Mexico, North Atlantic and Europe.
33337 WactiveNSS 10 (AMC 12, Star One C12, Worldsat 2, GE 1i)285262005-003ASpacebus-4000C3SES S.A.Baikonur Cosmodrome49533-Feb-2005FootprintsCharts24 C-band transponders.
33437 WactiveTelstar 11N (Telstar 11R)341112009-009ALS-1300Telesat Canada Ltd.Baikonur Cosmodrome401226-Feb-2009FootprintsCharts39 high-power Ku-band transponders to provide telecommunication services (video and data applications) to North America, Europe and Africa continents as well as mobile communication services to the Atlantic ocean region.
33536 WactiveHispasat 36W-1 (H36W-1, Hispasat AG1, HAG1, Hispasat Advanced Generation 1, Hispasat 2A)419422017-006ASmallGEO (Luxor) busHispasatGuiana Space Center334328-Jan-2017FootprintsCharts20 transponders in Ku-band and aditional capacity of 3 transponders in Ka-band
33634 WactiveHylas 4 (Hylas Africa, Hylas 5)432722018-033BGEOStar-3Avanti Communications LtdGuiana Space Center40505-Apr-2018FootprintsChartsKa-band High-Throughput Satellite (HTS) with 53 Operational User beams and 4 Operational Gateway beams to provide broadband and connectivity services across Africa and Europe
33734 WactiveIntelsat 35e428182017-041ABSS-702MPIntelsatCape Canaveral SFS67615-Jul-2017FootprintsCharts15 C-band and 39 Ku-band transponders to provide EpicNG and other services
33832 WactiveIntelsat 25 (Protostar 1, Protostar I, Chinasat 8, Zhongxing 8, IS-25)331532008-034ALS-1300IntelsatGuiana Space Center41807-Jul-2008FootprintsCharts16 Ku-band and 36 C-band transponders to provide High definition TV and high speed Internet services.
33930 WactiveHispasat 30W-5 (H30W-5, Hispasat 1E)372642010-070ALS-1300HispasatGuiana Space Center532029-Dec-2010FootprintsCharts53 active Ku-band transponders to provide Fixed Satellite Services (FSS) and Broadcast Satellite Services (BSS) to Europe, the Americas, and North Africa.
34030 WactiveHispasat 30W-6 (H30W-6, Hispasat 1F)432282018-023ALS-1300HispasatCape Canaveral SFS60926-Mar-2018FootprintsCharts48 Ku-band transponders, 6 Ka-band transponders, 1 Ka-BSS-band transponder and 1 C-band transponder
34130 WactiveXTAR-LANT (Spainsat 1)289452006-007ALS-1300XTAR LLCGuiana Space Center340811-Mar-2006FootprintsCharts8 X-band (4 RHCP + 4 LHCP) and 1 Ka-band transponders to provide commercial X-band services to U.S., European and Allied government agencies and military forces covering the United States, South American and African continents and the Middle East. (2 global, one fixed and 3 steerable beams)
34229 WactiveIntelsat 904 (IS-904)273802002-007ALS-1300IntelsatBaikonur Cosmodrome468023-Feb-2002FootprintsCharts44 C-band and 12 Ku-band transponders, broadcasting, business services, direct-to-home TV broadcasting, telecommunications, VSAT networks. Moving to 29.5 W orbital slot
34327 WactiveIntelsat 901 + MEV1 (IS-901, IS-901+MEV-1)268242001-024ALS-1300IntelsatGuiana Space Center47239-Jun-2001FootprintsCharts44 C-band and 12 Ku-band transponders, broadcasting, business services, direct-to-home TV broadcasting, telecommunications, VSAT networks. Planned for deployment to the 27.5° W.L. orbital location. The was raised to 300 km above the geostationary arc and docked with the MEV-1 (S2990) spacecraft. Intelsat 901 was then be reinserted to 27.5° W.L as a combined vehicle stack (“CVS”) with MEV-1.
34425 WactiveAlComSat 1430392017-078ADFH-4 BusAgence Spatiale Algerienne (ASAL)Xichang Satellite Launch Center520011-Dec-2017FootprintsCharts19 BSS and FSS Ku-band channels, 12 Ka-band channels and 2 L/C-band navigation channels. 9 Ku-band transponders are dedicated to the distribution of TV and digital radio channels while the rest of Ku-band capacity to be used for medium speed (2 Mb/s) communications in North Africa covering Tunisia, Northern Chad and Northern Sudan. Ka-band capacity will be used for high-speed broadband internet (20 Mb/s) covering the entire Algerian territory and water.
34524 WactiveIntelsat 905 (IS-905)274382002-027ALS-1300IntelsatGuiana Space Center47235-Jun-2002FootprintsCharts44 C-band and 12 Ku-band transponders, broadcasting, business services, direct-to-home TV broadcasting, telecommunications, VSAT networks
34622 WactiveSES 4 (NSS 14)380872012-007ALS-1300SES S.A.Baikonur Cosmodrome618014-Feb-2012FootprintsCharts52 C-band transponders and 72 Ku-band transponders to provide service to Europe/Middle East, West Africa, North America and South America.
34720 WactiveNSS 7274142002-019AA2100AXSES S.A.Guiana Space Center469216-Apr-2002FootprintsCharts36 C-band, 36 Ku-band; broadcasting, business services; Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Americas.
34820 WactiveAl Yah 3431742018-012AGEOStar-2Al Yah Satellite Communications Company PrJSC (Yahsat) Guiana Space Center379525-Jan-2018FootprintsCharts53 (58) active Ka-band user beams and four gateway beams. The Ka-band spot beams provide two-way communications services to facilitate high-speed delivery of data to end-user applications such as broadband Internet and corporate networking as well as IP backhaul for telecommunications service providers. Using the Al Yah 3 spacecraft, Yahsat will provide its services to Africa and Brazil.
34918 WactiveLuch (Loutch, Olymp)402582014-058AExpress-2000Roscosmos (Russian Federal Space Agency)Baikonur Cosmodrome335827-Sep-2014FootprintsCharts6 Ku and S band capacity
35018 WactiveSkynet 5C330552008-030AEurostar-3000SParadigm Secure Communications Ltd (EADS Company)Guiana Space Center463812-Jun-2008FootprintsCharts15 active X-Band and UHF transponders providing services for the British Ministry of Defence (MoD)
35118 WactiveIntelsat 37e429502017-059ABSS-702MPIntelsatGuiana Space Center643829-Sep-2017FootprintsChartsC-band, Ku-band and Ka-band capacity to will replace the Intelsat 901 spacecraft currently operating at that location. The satellite will have the following beams: C-band Wide Beams to cover Africa/Europe, Central Africa, and Latin America; 4 Spot Beams to cover Europe, North America, South America and Falkland Islands and one Global Beam with Global Coverage. 55 Ku-band Spot beams to cover Africa, Europe, Middle East, South America, North America, and Asia; Wide beam for Europe, Middle East and Asia; Algeria Shaped beam and steerable spot beam; Steerable Ka-band Spot beam. Planned for IOT at 84.55 East Orbital position
35216 WactiveLuch 5B (Loutch-5B, Луч-5Б)389772012-061AExpress-1000ARoscosmos (Russian Federal Space Agency)Baikonur Cosmodrome11402-Nov-2012FootprintsCharts6 Ku and S band transponders to relay commands and data to and from the LEO satellites, to provide secure Presidential communication links, command relay to rockets and spacecrafts, support communications with ISS, as well as COSPAS-SARSAT search and rescue system support.
35315 WactiveTelstar 12V (Telstar 12 Vantage)410362015-068AEurostar-3000Telesat Canada Ltd.Tanegashima Space Center490024-Nov-2015FootprintsCharts52 Ku-band transponders
35414 WactiveExpress AM8408952015-048AExpress-1000SNRussian Satellite Communications CompanyBaikonur Cosmodrome210014-Sep-2015FootprintsCharts24 C-band, 16 Ku-band and 2 L-band transponders to provide services to Europe, Africa and Americas
35512 WactiveEutelsat 12 West G (E12WG, Eutelsat Hot Bird 13C, HB13C, HB9, Hotbird 9, Hot Bird 9)334592008-065AEurostar-3000Eutelsat Communications S.A.Guiana Space Center488020-Dec-2008FootprintsCharts64 active Ku-band transponders covering Europe, North Africa, Middle East.
35611 WactiveExpress AM44 (Ekspress AM-44)335952009-007AMSS-2500-GSORussian Satellite Communications CompanyBaikonur Cosmodrome256011-Feb-2009FootprintsCharts10 C-band (40 MHz) transponders, 16 Ku-band (54 MHz) transponders and 1 L-band (1 MHz) transponder with improved power characteristics to provide digital TV&Radio Services, Internet access, data transfer, video conferencing, VSAT multi services networks deployment as well as for the presidential and governmental mobile communications
35710 WactiveHellasSat 2 (HS 2, Hellas Sat 2, Intelsat K-TV, NSS K-TV)278112003-020AEurostar-2000+Hellas-Sat (Arabsat subsidiary)Cape Canaveral SFS330012-May-2003FootprintsCharts30 Ku-band; television broadcasting services for the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens.
3588 WactiveEutelsat 8 West B408752015-039BSpacebus-4000C3Eutelsat Communications S.A.Guiana Space Center560018-Aug-2015FootprintsCharts40 operational Ku-band transponders designed primarily to serve DTH markets in North Africa and the Middle East. It will also introduce a C-band mission to 8° West, with 10 operational transponders connected to footprints covering the African continent and reaching west to South America.
3597 WactiveNilesat 301528172022-061ASpacebus-4000B2Nilesat (The Egyptian Satellite Co.)Cape Canaveral SFS39386-Aug-2022FootprintsCharts32 Ku-band transponders, 6 Ka-band transponders
3607 WactiveNilesat 201368302010-037ASpacebus-4000B2Nilesat (The Egyptian Satellite Co.)Guiana Space Center32004-Aug-2010FootprintsCharts24 Ku-band and 4 Ka-band transponders to provide direct-to-home television, radio and data-transmissions in Middle East, Africa, the Gulf States
3617 WactiveEutelsat 7 West A (E7WA, AB7, Atlantic Bird 7, Nilebird, Atlantic Bird 4R, Nilesat 104)378162011-051AEurostar-3000Eutelsat Communications S.A.Sea Launch (Odyssey platform)460024-Sep-2011FootprintsCharts56 active Ku-band transponders to provide services to Middle East, Gulf states, North Africa and North-West Africa
3625 WactiveEutelsat 5 West B (E5WB)446242019-067AGEOStar-2Eutelsat Communications S.A.Baikonur Cosmodrome28649-Oct-2019FootprintsCharts35 Ku-band transponders to provide digital infrastructure addressing predominantly French, Italian and Algerian broadcast markets. On October 24, 2019, Eutelsat announced an investigation into a malfunction on one of the two solar arrays on its EUTELSAT 5 West B satellite. Pursuant to this investigation, the loss of the satellite’s South solar array has been confirmed. With the exception of the South solar array, the satellite performance remains nominal. The attendant power loss means ~45% of the capacity of the satellite can be operated.
3634 WactiveAmos 7 (Asiasat 8)401072014-046ALS-1300Spacecom Satellite CommunicationsCape Canaveral SFS45355-Aug-2014FootprintsCharts24 Ku-band transponders and a Ka-band beam to provide a multi-regional experience covering Europe, Middle East and parts of Africa, thereby offering services to existing and new customers in Central and Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East (re-purposed Asiasat 8 satellite)
3644 WactiveAmos 3 (Amos 60)327942008-022AAmos BusSpacecom Satellite CommunicationsBaikonur Cosmodrome126328-Apr-2008FootprintsCharts12 Ku-band and 2 Ka-band transponders to cover the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and parts of the Americas.
3653 WactiveABS-3A404242015-010ABSS-702SPABSCape Canaveral SFS19542-Mar-2015FootprintsChartsC and Ku-band services for the Atlantic Ocean region for ABS's existing customers currently residing on ABS 3 satellite.
3661 WactiveThor 7406132015-022ALS-1300Space Norway ASGuiana Space Center460026-Apr-2015FootprintsCharts11 Ku-band transponders, dedicated to expanded broadcast services in Europe and additional Ku-band capacity for back-up. Ka-band payload to meet the growing demand for high-bandwidth broadband communications by the maritime industry and includes 30 fixed spot and one steerable beam over the North Sea, Norwegian Sea, Red Sea, Baltic Sea, the Persian Gulf, and the Mediterranean.
3671 WactiveSkynet 4E256391999-009BECS BusParadigm Secure Communications Ltd (EADS Company)Guiana Space Center150026-Feb-1999FootprintsCharts4 x SHF transponders, 2 x UHF transponders, 2 x C-band transponders to provide services for UK's armed forces, government departments, agencies and other organizations that require secure communications.
3681 WactiveIntelsat 10-02 + MEV2 (Intelsat 1002, Intelsat Alpha-2, Intelsat X-02, IS-1002, MEV 2)283582004-022AEurostar-3000IntelsatBaikonur Cosmodrome557616-Jun-2004FootprintsCharts36 Ku-band, 70 C-band transponders providing television, data, and other telecommunication services to Europe, Africa and the Middle East. MEV-2 has successfully docked with this satellite in April 2021 to extend its operational live in this position.
3691 WactiveThor 5 (Thor 2R)324872008-006AGEOStar-2Space Norway ASBaikonur Cosmodrome196011-Feb-2008FootprintsCharts24 (15 FSS and 9 BSS) Ku-band transponders to provide telecommunication facilities for Scandinavia, Europe, and the Middle East
3701 WactiveThor 6 (Intelsat 1W, IS-1W)360332009-058BSpacebus-4000B2Space Norway ASGuiana Space Center304929-Oct-2009FootprintsCharts36 (16 FSS and 20 BSS) active Ku-band transponders to provide high power direct-to-home (DTH) television services to the Nordic countries and to serve the growing broadcasting demands within Central and Eastern Europe.
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