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Satellite Name: Intelsat 904 (IS-904)
Status: moving
Position: 45° E (45° E)
NORAD: 27380
Cospar number: 2002-007A
Operator: Intelsat
Launch date: 23-Feb-2002
Launch site: Baikonur Cosmodrome
Launch vehicle: Proton K
Launch mass (kg): 4680
Dry mass (kg): 2350
Manufacturer: Space Systems Loral (SSL)
Model (bus): LS-1300
Orbit: GEO
Expected lifetime: 13 yrs.
Call sign: S2408
Beacon(s): 3947.5RHCP, 3948.0RHCP, 3950.0V, 3952.0RHCP, 3952.5RHCP, 11198RHCP, 11452RHCP
44 C-band and 12 Ku-band transponders, broadcasting, business services, direct-to-home TV broadcasting, telecommunications, VSAT networks. Planned for relocation to 45E orbital position where it is planned to replace Intelsat 12 that is expected to be deorbited at the end of 2017
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