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Eutelsat 70B - launch success
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Tuesday, 04 December 2012 08:29

BERN, Switzerland, December 3, 2012

Sea Launch Zenit-3SL rocket has successfully launched the EUTELSAT-70B satellite weighing 5,210 kilograms (11,485 lbs.) and built by Astrium, an EADS company, from the Equator on the ocean-based Launch Platform Odyssey completing its 2nd mission for Eutelsat and marking the completion of Sea Launch's third and final mission in 2012. The launcher lifted off at 12:43:59 Pacific Standard Time (PST) on Monday, December 3rd (20:43:59 UTC/GMT, 21:43:59 CET) and one hour and six minutes later, the Block DM-SL upper stage inserted the satellite into geosynchronous transfer orbit and Eutelsat acquired the spacecraft's first signals shortly after spacecraft separation. All systems performed nominally throughout the launch mission.

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