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Transponder news 15-Nov-09
Sunday, 15 November 2009 09:43

Orbital Position 7 East

Eutelsat W3A 11575V 30000 3/4, EuropeB, QPSK, DVB, DigiTurk

Salon 2TVCryptoworks
Irdeto 2
DigiTurkSDMPEG-221092210 tur
2211 000
Eutelsat W3A 10886V 30000 3/4, EuropeB, QPSK, DVB-S

TRT MüzikTVFTA SDMPEG-221032203 tur780314-Nov-09

Orbital Position 9 East

Eurobird 9A 11727V 27500 3/4, Europe, QPSK, DVB, Arqiva

Shorts TV TurkeyTVFTA SDMPEG-225812582 eng173514-Nov-09

Orbital Position 13 East

Hotbird 8 11566H 27500 3/4, Europe8, QPSK, DVB, Overon

Pars TVTVFTA SDMPEG-280198119 81914-Nov-09

Orbital Position 19 East

Astra 1KR 10862H 22000 9/10, Spot1, 8PSK, DVB-S2, TVP

TVP 1TVFTA SDMPEG-4521774 pol710814-Nov-09

Orbital Position 90 East

Yamal 201 3954L 29500 3/4, WideC, QPSK, DVB

TV Centr Dalniy VostokTVFTA SDMPEG-2621622 rus62014-Nov-09

Orbital Position 30 West

Hispasat 1C 11731V 29000 3/4, EuropeC, 8PSK, DVB-S2, TV Cabo

Disney Cinemagic EspañaTVNagravision 3TV CaboHDMPEG-465766577 por94814-Nov-09

Orbital Position 12 West

Atlantic Bird 1 11179V 22400 2/3, Europe, 8PSK, DVB-S2, Overon

CazavisiónTVBISS SDMPEG-470417042 spa70414-Nov-09
Atlantic Bird 1 12535V 1300 3/4, Europe, QPSK, DVB

Tele Padre PioFFTA   0 114-Nov-09
Atlantic Bird 1 12545H 17455 3/4, Europe, QPSK, DVB, Telecom Italia Media

QVC Italia info cardTVFTA SDMPEG-20 8014-Nov-09
La 7 info cardTVFTA SDMPEG-2172173 ita4014-Nov-09
Atlantic Bird 1 12670V 2692 3/4, Europe, 8PSK, DVB-S2

Kanal 4FFTA   0256 ara114-Nov-09

Orbital Position 7 West

Atlantic Bird 4A 10775H 27500 3/4, Middle East, QPSK, DVB, Nilesat

Nickelodeon ArabiaTVFTA SDMPEG-210081009 ara400514-Nov-09
Atlantic Bird 4A 10796V 27500 3/4, Middle East, QPSK, DVB, Nilesat

Topshop TVTVFTA SDMPEG-20 014-Nov-09
Atlantic Bird 4A 10873V 27500 3/4, Middle East, QPSK, DVB

Topshop TVTVFTA SDMPEG-20 014-Nov-09
TRT Turizm BelgeselTVFTA SDMPEG-20 014-Nov-09
Talemiah promoTVFTA SDMPEG-20 014-Nov-09
Al Khel TVTVFTA SDMPEG-20 014-Nov-09
Shada TVTVFTA SDMPEG-20 014-Nov-09
Nart TVTVFTA SDMPEG-20 014-Nov-09
Al LafetaTVFTA SDMPEG-20 014-Nov-09
AzhariTVFTA SDMPEG-20 014-Nov-09
Al Motawasset TVTVFTA SDMPEG-20 014-Nov-09
Awtan Satellite ChannelTVFTA SDMPEG-20 014-Nov-09
Zweina BaladnaTVFTA SDMPEG-20 014-Nov-09
Layalina info cardTVFTA SDMPEG-20 014-Nov-09
Art Vision MehnatiTVFTA SDMPEG-20 014-Nov-09
Soufia Channel TVTVFTA SDMPEG-20 014-Nov-09
Iraq Economic TVTVFTA SDMPEG-20 014-Nov-09
Arrai TVTVFTA SDMPEG-20 014-Nov-09
Markaty TV info cardTVFTA SDMPEG-20 014-Nov-09
Nour TVTVFTA SDMPEG-20 014-Nov-09

Orbital Position 4 West

Amos 2 11592H 21350 3/4, EUH2, QPSK, DVB, Adisam Telecom

Vox NewsTVFTA SDMPEG-2400401 rum114-Nov-09
Amos 3 11222V 27500 5/6, MEV3, QPSK, DVB, Yes

BBC Entertainment EuropeTVVideoguardYesSDMPEG-2520668 eng60915-Nov-09
Amos 3 10807V 27500 3/4, EUV3, QPSK, DVB, T-Home

TV DomaTVConaxT-HomeSDMPEG-43938 slo442214-Nov-09
TV LuxTVConaxT-HomeSDMPEG-43635 slo442314-Nov-09
CNN International EuropeTVConaxT-HomeSDMPEG-4105104 eng442714-Nov-09
Cinemax 2 Central EuropeTVConaxT-HomeSDMPEG-4111 442814-Nov-09

Orbital Position 1 West

Thor 3 12054H 27500 8/9, NordicCEE, 8PSK, DVB-S2, Digital Fly

YTVFTADigital Fly UkraineSDMPEG-410111012 ukr100114-Nov-09
Updated the footprints page
Sunday, 08 November 2009 19:14

Updated the footprints page. Now it includes the "Sun azimuth" calculation based on the formula from Jens-Torbjorn Satre (

If you do not see the "Sun azimuth" in the info window please press Ctrl+F5 to refresh the page.

Massive footprints update
Satellite Footprints
Monday, 02 November 2009 03:05
Massive footprints update:

Added NSS-14 and Eutelsat W7 and updated Amos 2, Amos 3, Express-AM22, Express EAM 33, AMC 1, AMC 2, AMC 3, AMC 4, AMC 5, AMC 6, Atlantic Bird 2, Astra 2C and Optus B3 footprints.

Thor 6 and NSS 12 launched successfully.
Thursday, 29 October 2009 23:02

Ariane 5 delivers the NSS 12 and THOR 6 television broadcast satellites on Arianespace’s sixth mission of 2009.

The sixth Ariane 5 mission of 2009 marked another success for this heavy-lift launcher, carrying the first satellite launched by Arianespace for Telenor Satellite Broadcasting AS – THOR 6, along with the 32nd spacecraft from the SES group of companies entrusted for an Ariane launch – NSS 12.

Ariane 5’s mission with NSS-12 and THOR 6 was performed from the Spaceport’s ELA-3 launch site in French Guiana.

Lifting off on time at 5:00 p.m. from the Spaceport in French Guiana, the Ariane 5 deployed the two television broadcast satellites during a mission lasting 31 minutes. It was the 48th flight of an Ariane 5 and its 34th success in a row.

More info:

Added Thor 6 and updated Amos 2 footprints
Friday, 23 October 2009 01:09
I have uploaded predicted Thor 6 footprints and updated Amos 2 coverage maps.
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